What to know before coming to Slovakia from Ukraine!

I don’t have a passport or ID. Can I enter to Slovakia?

Yes, you can enter Slovakia even if you do not have a passport or visa. It is recommended to carry other ID documents you may have (e.g. ID card, driver’s license, residence permit in Ukraine, birth certificates of children, etc.), even if they are expired.

What happens if I enter Slovakia without valid documents?

You can apply for Temporary Protection or asylum once you cross the border. Authorities will direct you to where you can do this when you arrive.

I have my child with me. What documents do they need?

It is recommended that you have at least your child’s birth certificate with you (even if the child already obtained Ukrainian internal passport).

Where can I cross into Slovakia?

There are 4 border crossing points currently open:

    • Ubľa BCP – open 24/7 for pedestrians, cyclists and cars/buses
    •  Veľké Slemence – for pedestrians/cyclists only, open from 8 am to 8 pm (Slovak time), only UA and EU nationals can cross.
    • Vyšné Nemecké – open 24/7 only for cars/buses, pedestrians cannot cross.
    • Čierna nad Tisou – open 24/7 only for trains, pedestrians cannot cross.

More info at https://www.ukraineslovakia.sk

  • You can check the situation at each border crossing here. It gives information on when there are queues and posts from people crossing.
  • At the border crossing point, you can get the “Slovak help” ticket if you have not crossed the border with Slovakia in the last 30 days. It allows you to travel for free on suburban buses and trains (not the urban transport) You can use it on the day of crossing the border and for the next 4 days. 

I am not Ukrainian. Can I still enter Slovakia?

Yes, anyone fleeing from Ukraine can enter Slovakia. If you are not Ukrainian or from an EU country, this Ukrainian government´s infoline is available to answer questions: +380 934 185 684. Detailed info can be found at ukraineslovakia.sk website.

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