Social counselling; Assistance with finding schools; Assistance with finding accommodation; Assistance with finding jobs; Interpretation and assistance when visiting state institutions, hospitals, etc. 

Psychosocial support, including for children, persons with disabilities and survivors of gender-based violence 

Medical counselling for children and persons with disabilities; referrals to specialized doctors 

Accommodation in the city of Zvolen for families with children with disabilities or specific needs 

Activities for children, older persons & persons with disabilities 

24/7 crisis intervention through mobile teams able to travel towards refugees if needed 

  • Assistance Centre, Bottova 7, Bratislava 
    • Mon-Fri: 08:00 – 18:00  
  • Mobile teams, whole Slovakia 
    • 24/7  
    • crisis intervention, able to travel towards refugees 
  • 💬 Languages: Ukrainian, Russian, English, Slovak, German 

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