Template for country-specific services for children

If you need more information or assistance, you can get in touch with UNHCR directly  

You are in Romania

You are considered a child if you are below the age of 18, and have special rights and protection

Important contact information

Emergency: 112

Hotline for General Inspectorate for Immigration on asylum procedures: 021 414 4494

Hotline for child protection services: 119

Ukraine Embassy: 021 230 3660

Procedures & services

What you need to know regarding children coming from Ukraine can be found here. Information is updated daily and includes details on:

  • Entry & registration
  • Documents required
  • Who is responsible?
  • Where you will stay if you are arriving without adult care
  • Where should you go for food, medical services, etc.

How to say in Romanian

I am sick / hurt / injured – Sunt bolnav/rănit

I am not travelling with my mother/father – Nu călătoresc cu mama/tatăl meu

I am scared / worried – Sunt speriat/ sunt ingrijorat

I need help – Am nevoie de ajutor

I lost someone – Am pierdut pe cineva

I am looking for my mother / father / brother / sister / relatives / friend – Îmi caut mama / tatăl / fratele / sora / rudele / prietenul meu

I lost something – Am pierdut ceva

I am waiting for my mother / father / brother / sister / relatives / friend – Îmi astept mama/ tatăl / fratele / sora / rudele / prietenul meu

I need a place to stay – Am nevoie de un loc unde să stau

I need food – Am nevoie de mancare

I need water – Am nevoie de apa

I need a phone – Am nevoie de un telefon

I need a sim card – Am nevoie de o cartelă sim

I need a phone charger – Am nevoie de un încărcător de telefon

Thank you – Mulțumesc