Psychosocial support 

I would like to access mental health and psychosocial support. What support is available?  

There are several organisations in Romania that can give psychological counselling to refugees. You can contact them directly. 

In Bucharest:

  • Estuar Foundation, a UNHCR partner, provides psychological and mental health assistance with trained staff and interpreters to those fleeing Ukraine. They have a dedicated center, but also work in the Romexpo hub- 3-4 Romanian specialists with interpreters and 1 Ukrainian psychologist
    Email address: [email protected]
    Hotline: +40 746 781 971
    Phone: 031 417 1888

  • JRS Romania also offers free light mental health activities for those affected by the war in Ukraine.
    JRS Romania | Bucharest | Facebook
    Visit their website for contact details and more information:   
    Address: strada Opris Ilie, nr. 54, sector 4, Bucharest, Romania 
    Number: 0744 405 657 

In Iasi:

Through FONSS Romania, a UNHCR partner, 2 services are provided: 

In Bacau:

  • Psychological counseling for the residents of Hostel Holland, provided by the psychologists of Betania Association – ;
  • Psychologic counseling (individual and group counseling);
  • Psychiatric consultations and medical support for people confronted with mental health problems.  

In Cluj and Sighisoara:

Through the Protection Support Hubs run by Patrir, a UNHCR partner, light MHPSS activities are available at their locations: 

Online though TelePshicology Romania support and scheduling for independent phycologist appointment  here.   

What psychosocial support is available for children? 

Autism Voice, a UNHCR partner, offers a free program for children (and their parents) with autism and other mental health problems- refugees from Ukraine, available daily from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm on the phone numbers +40748.272.325  and +40723.586.284 and in person at Autism Voice centers. 

8 behavioral analysis specialists, psychotherapy, psycho-emotional counselors, and 4 infrastructure assistants, together with Ukrainian and Russian-speaking partners are on call to help the Ukrainian population cope with the current situation. 

Moreover, mothers with autistic children, in need of accommodation and support in privacy, can reach out to Autism Voice House. Beneficiaries will be taken over through our call center and partner organizations. 

Autism Voice Line – Specialized assistance and support for refugees from Ukraine with psycho-social needs, consists in: 

  • Assessment, behavioral analysis, and free therapy for Ukrainian children with autism;
  • Psychological support for parents of children with special needs;
  • Logistical support and medical documentation for refugee families with children with mental health problems in transit (physically and remotely, as appropriate); 
  • Accommodation, food, and safety for families with Ukrainian autistic children who are in temporary protection in the Autism Voice House.

Terre des Hommes Romania, a UNHCR partner, also provides light mental health and psychosocial  activities for children in the accommodation centers in Bucharest and Constanta.  

Contact details:

In Bucharest:

In Сraiova: