Q&A on returns to Ukraine

Can I go back to my home country?

Yes. You can return to your home country at any time.

Can I return to Romania if I have temporarily returned to Ukraine, for example to visit my family?

Yes, you can return to Romania as long as the period of temporary protection has not expired and you meet the entry conditions. On your return to Romania, you will continue to benefit from temporary protection until the period for which you were granted it expires. The temporary protection permits that have been issued are valid until 4th March 2025.

Do I need to decline my Temporary protection status to return back to Ukraine?

There is currently no obligation to decline your Temporary Protection in Romania if you want to return back to Ukraine.

For how long can I return to Ukraine without losing my TP status?

There is currently no specific rule regarding the length of your stay in Ukraine. The temporary protection permits that have been issued are valid until 4th March 2025. You will be able to return to Romania as long as temporary protection is available and if you meet the entry conditions. Upon your return, you will automatically continue to benefit from temporary protection for as long as when your permit expires.

I have a pet without proper vet documents, how can I return to Ukraine? Where do I need to cross the border?

The application of more flexible measures regarding entries and exits of pets from Ukraine has ceased in April 2023. Since 1st May 2023, both entry and exit of domestic animals from Ukraine to and from Romania must be in accordance with the EU and national legislation. The pet will need to have a pet passport and all vaccinations. Additional requirements could be applicable for entry to Ukraine and we encourage you to also inquire into regulations on the Ukrainian side of the border. Also take into account that there are specific border points for traveling with animals. You can find a list of these border points here: http://www.ansvsa.ro/wp-content/uploads/2023/09/Lista_puncte_intrare_calatori_PIC_29092023.pdf . For any additional information check with ANSVSA.

I want to return to Ukraine but only have internal Ukrainian identification documents. Will I be allowed to pass through the Romanian-Ukrainian border or the border to Moldova and then to Ukraine?

According to UNHCR’s experience, Ukrainian citizens should generally be able to cross back to Ukraine with internal Ukrainian identification

documents only. This is not the case when trying to cross to Moldova where these documents are usually not accepted, but where a biometric passport is needed. For any updated information on exit or entry requirements, we do advise you however to call the border police at (+4)021 9590.

I want to return to Ukraine, but my travel document does not have an entry stamp/ I have lost the document I had received with the entry stamp. Will I be allowed to pass through the Romanian-Ukrainian border or the border to Moldova and then to Ukraine?

We would advise you to call the border police at (+4)021 9590 to ask for advice about your case.

I’ve worked in Romania, and I want to return to Ukraine. Authorities from Ukraine ask for a document proving the salary I have received in Romania. Where can I obtain this document?

You can request a certificate that proves that you have been employed in Romania and the amount of your salary from your employer.

I received a disability certificate in Romania. What will happen with it if I go back to Ukraine?

You are entitled to disability benefits as long as you reside in Romania. Any missed appointments with the disability authority may lead to cancellation of the certificate. When you leave the country permanently, you should inform your relevant General Directorate for Social Assistance and Child Protection, in charge of issuance of certificates, in the following 48 hours to update your status. You can also contact the National Authority for the Protection of Rights of Persons with Disabilities (ANPDPD) at 0314338090 for any further information.

I have received the Romanian citizenship certificate. Can I return back to Ukraine? Will I lose Romanian citizenship if I go back?

If you received the Romanian citizenship certificate you are a citizen of Romania. Romania recognizes dual citizenship; thus, from the Romanian state’s perspective, you can have the Romanian and the Ukrainian nationality at the same time. You will also not lose your Romanian citizenship by going back to Ukraine. You should be aware however that Ukraine does not allow its citizens to have two or more nationalities.

If I return to Ukraine permanently but decide to come back to Romania afterwards, will I have the right to apply for temporary protection again?

There is currently no specific rule regarding a maximum period of stay in Ukraine. As long as the Temporary Protection is still available in Romania, you can benefit from it. For the moment, Temporary Protection is foreseen to be available until March 2025. You do not need to ask for temporary protection again when you return.

Can I find free of charge evacuation buses back to Ukraine?

UNHCR does currently not have any information on evacuation buses that bring people back to Ukraine.

To close my bank account in Romania, do I need to go to the bank in person or can I also do this when I am already in Ukraine?

The exact procedure to close your bank account will depend on your bank so you should approach your bank before leaving to understand the procedure. Taking into account common practices of banks, we would generally recommend to do try to go in person. If this is not possible, for example because you have already left, you should contact your bank and check whether it can be done by phone or via email. In some cases, after a long period of time and when no money is left on the account, the bank automatically closes the bank account, but this is not a rule.