About UNHCR in Romania

Government authorities have the responsibility to process asylum applications and to decide whether someone is granted asylum in Romania 

UNHCR is the main international organisation working closely with Romanian authorities on asylum issues and monitoring asylum procedures.  

In Romania, UNHCR closely monitors the government’s compliance with international standards of refugee law and drafts legal statements with regard to the asylum framework. Moreover, UNHCR advocates for swift access to fair and efficient asylum procedures but cannot exert any influence on the proceedings which are conducted by the authorities. 

UNHCR is also active in raising awareness for refugee topics and works together with NGOs, academia, media, etc. 

UNHCR does not register asylum seekers, examine asylum applications or issue refugee or other protection documents in Romania. Furthermore, UNHCR is not involved in the accommodation of refugees. The government is responsible for that. 

You can still contact UNHCR if you wish to seek advice and information about the procedure for seeking asylum or to know more about the services available.  

A number of NGO partners also offer free legal counselling throughout the country. 

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