Housing and accommodation

Do you need temporary accommodation in Romania but are having difficulties finding a place to stay?

“Un Acoperiș” is a solution to identify accommodation to help refugees who arrive in Romania and need immediate help.
The platform registers requests for help from refugees or organizations offering them support in identifying verified accommodation in the territory in order to reduce the risks faced by the vulnerable.

Access it here: https://unacoperis.ro/ro

As of May 1, the Government of Romania has changed the 50/20 programmed and is offering a new support program dedicated to Ukrainians living in Romania. This programme grants a lumpsum to help those coming from Ukraine to pay for accommodation and food in Romania.

Please note that only refugees from Ukraine holding Temporary Protection are eligible for this Programme.

You can find out more information on the DSU website here:

First month: http://www.dsu.mai.gov.ro/informatii-despre-programul-de-suport-pentru-cazare-si-integrare-prima-luna/

Second month: http://www.dsu.mai.gov.ro/programul-de-suport-pentru-cazare-si-integrare-ucraina%ef%bf%bc-luna-a-2-a-%ef%bf%bc/  

DSU info-tool for successful enrollment: http://www.dsu.mai.gov.ro/clarificari-pentru-implementarea-noului-program-de-suport-pentru-cazare-si-integrare-ucraina