Living in Moldova

Under Moldovan law, refugees and beneficiaries of humanitarian protection enjoy the same social and economic rights as citizens.

The 2012 Law on Integration of Foreigners provides means of integration for foreigners, including refugees, beneficiaries of humanitarian protection and stateless persons, including granting them free access to:

  • The social security system
  • Primary and secondary education
  • The medical insurance system
  • Socio-cultural adaptation sessions (training on values and national traditions, political and administrative organization system of the country)
  • State language courses
  • Information and counselling on ways to access the labour market.

Additionally, refugees and beneficiaries of humanitarian protection may apply for a state allowance of approximately EUR 30 for a maximum period of six months.

However, Moldova’s difficult economic situation does not always guarantee the full exercise of those rights, such as financial support to vulnerable groups, housing, employment, and language courses.