Cash assistance for refugees in Moldova

When a person flees their country, they face many challenges. Humanitarian organizations provide support so they can cover their most basic and urgent needs. Such support is called Humanitarian assistance, the cash program is a part of it.

The cash assistance programme is managed by UNHCR through its partners Catholic Relief Services (CRS) in conjunction with Caritas Moldova and Diaconia; in coordination with the Ministry of Labour and Social Protection. Its objective is to provide emergency cash assistance to people who fled Ukraine and are currently living in Moldova.  

Hey! Humanitarian Assistance is free of charge. If a humanitarian worker asked for money, sexual favors or anything in return for your enrolment in the cash assistance program, you can submit a complaint: online form Your confidentiality will be kept!

Enroll for cash assistance

If you fled Ukraine on or after 24 February 2022, and you are currently living in Moldova, you and your family can be considered for cash assistance. You can be a Ukrainian citizen or an Ukrainian resident of other nationality.

If you are a citizen from Moldova hosting refugees, you can find more information regarding WFP cash assistance here: Cash assistance for host communities.

The first step is to approach an Enrolment Center and request to be enrolled. You will need to provide your personal data and a phone number. Afterwards, UNHCR or one of its partners will contact you by phone or SMS to provide the appointment details.

For people with disabilities and/or severe medical conditions who are unable to approach an Enrolment centre, please call: 0 800 10 823.

On the date and time of your appointment approach the Enrolment Center again. All the family members should attend, bring your documents with you. At the Center they will ask and register your personal data, including your picture and fingerprints. If you are eligible, you will receive a MAIB prepaid bank card and detailed information on the program.

You should know that UNHCR and its partners conducts in-person verifications periodically which means that you will be invited for an additional interview. It is therefore vital to keep us updated about any change of address or phone number. You can do this by calling the hotline, or by approaching a Enrollment Centers in person.

Locate an Enrolment centre

Enrolment centres are open from 9:00 am – 5:00 pm from Monday to Friday.

Who can receive cash assistance? How do I receive cash assistance? I have a missing payment (…)

UNHCR will inform in case of any review of the Cash Programme through public Information campaigns.

Protect yourself and your family from fraud schemes. Your personal information and identity documents should always be kept safe and confidential. Only share your personal information with trusted aid agencies and authorities when asked. Never give away your personal information on social and untrusted websites

Keep your information updated! In case your phone number has changed please update it by calling the Cash Assistance Helpline: 0 800 10823 or approach the nearest Enrolment Centre.

All humanitarian assistance provided is free of charge.