Asylum in Moldova

Refugees are persons who have been forced to flee their country of origin due to war, violence, and persecution, and have crossed an international border to find safety.

In Moldova, the authority responsible for receiving and processing refugee status applications, and granting Temporary Protection is the General Inspectorate for Migration -Inspectoratul General pentru Migrație, IGM – before the Bureau of Migration and Asylum (BMA). 

Ukrainian citizens and their family members may stay in Moldova until 13 August 2023. According to Decision no. 21 of the Commission for Exceptional Situations of the Republic of Moldova, the limit of 90 calendar days of stay does not apply now.

If you want to stay in Moldova you should ensure you have the legal status to do so, which it is different for each nationality. Foreign citizen for which a visa is not required can stay in the Republic of Moldova for up to 90 days during the period of every 6 months.  Seek for more information on:

Remember that if you fear to go back to your country you have the right to seek asylum.