Changes to Health Care Coverage for Persons Known to UNHCR in 2024

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Due to reduced global funding, UNHCR will reduce the health care coverage for persons known to UNHCR in 2024. Limited funds will be prioritized for interventions that are likely to have the greatest impact for patients.

As of 1 January 2024, the following changes will be introduced:

  • Persons known to UNHCR in need of hospitalization care will pay the initial admission fee of 100 USD and 30% of the remaining hospital bill. For example, if the total bill for admission is USD 1,000, you will pay an initial 100 USD + 270 USD (30% of the remaining USD 900). This translates into the patient paying USD 370 and UNHCR paying USD 630 (70% of USD 900).
  • Some medical conditions which are not imminently life or limb threatening will be deprioritized.
  • Support for high-cost medical interventions will be reduced.
  • UNHCR will only provide health care coverage to individuals that seek treatment at UNHCR-contracted hospitals. Patients seeking services outside of the UNHCR network will not be covered, even under emergency situations. 

Please also note that UNHCR will continue to support child delivery care at 50 % of the total cost.

Contact NEXtCARE at đź“ž01504020:

  • If you need emergency health care and face difficulties being admitted to hospital,
  • To seek approval for UNHCR coverage of your hospital care,
  • To know which hospitals provide services that are supported by UNHCR,
  • If you have a refugee certificate or bar code but the hospital says your case is not covered by UNHCR,
  • For information on child delivery fees per hospital (we encourage you to first check here), or
  • To report an issue during your stay in hospital.

For more information on access to primary health care services and hospitalization, check the health page of the Help Lebanon website.

Remember all UNHCR and NEXtCARE services are ALWAYS free-of-charge. You are only required to pay contracted hospitals for your share of your hospital bill.