Cash Assistance

Attention! All services and assistance of UNHCR and its partners are free of charge!

1. How can I request cash assistance? ⬇️

You cannot directly request UNHCR cash assistance. If you are a refugee or asylum seeker known to UNHCR, you are eligible for consideration for cash assistance. However, only a limited number of people are selected to receive cash assistance.

All you need to do is to maintain an active and updated file with UNHCR. For more information, please visit the registration page.

2. Who is eligible for cash assistance and how does UNHCR select who receives cash assistance? ⬇️

If you are a refugee or asylum seeker known to UNHCR, you are eligible for consideration for cash assistance.

Based on information collected at the reception center, UNHCR assesses your socio-economic vulnerability. The most vulnerable families are eligible for monthly cash assistance and reassessed every year at the end of the annual cash assistance cycle.

Cash assistance is provided without discrimination.

3. How will I receive the cash assistance? ⬇️

To receive cash assistance, you will need to receive a red bank card and a PIN code issued by Banque Libano-Française (BLF). These are distributed by UNHCR partners to families selected to receive UNHCR cash assistance.

If you do not yet have a card, UNHCR will contact you to provide one to you. Also, you will be invited on a regular basis to have your card checked (See No.2 on card validation in Question 6).

When the cash assistance is available in your account, UNHCR will inform you by 📨SMS. You can withdraw assistance at BLF ATMs and selected BoB Finance branches up to 2 months after receiving the 📨SMS. You can also use it to buy goods at local markets and shops equipped with a payment machine. To find the branch nearest to you, visit the UNHCR Lebanon Redeem website.

4. For how long does UNHCR provide assistance? ⬇️

The current cash assistance cycle started in December 2023 and will last until October 2024 (11 months).  This means that if you have been receiving assistance this year and you are attending validation regularly, you may expect to receive it until October.

5. I was not selected to receive cash assistance, what can I do? ⬇️

Once a year, you can submit a claim to UNHCR to be reconsidered for cash assistance. This appeal window is open for a limited period every year and it only takes place after the announcement of the new assistance cycle. UNHCR will communicate with you through different communication channels once the appeal window is open.

6. What are my responsibilities in order to receive/continue receiving assistance? ⬇️

If you are selected to receive assistance, make sure to:

  1. Maintain a valid UNHCR certificate (UN paper) or barcode in Lebanon and request a renewal appointment before the expiry date of your UN certificate
  2. Attend and successfully pass card physical validation three times a year
  3. Contact the UNHCR National Call Center at 📞04726111 to report any update in your personal information
  4. Keep the Red Card safe and report any instances of loss/theft
  5. Withdraw assistance within 2 months of receiving an 📨SMS from UNHCR
  6. Refrain from engaging in acts of fraud or misuse of assistance, including:
  • Selling your Red Card
  • Giving the Red Card to another family or person, unless you have given your consent that to this person to help you redeem your assistance
  • Preventing other family members from benefitting from the assistance
  • Not providing accurate or true information about your family or situation when updating your file at the UNHCR Reception Centre

📢ATTENTION!📢 It is your responsibility to inform UNHCR of a change in your phone number or family circumstances, including births, deaths, or departure of any family members from Lebanon. You can do so by calling the UNHCR National Call Center at 📞04726111. Not complying with these guidelines may lead to discontinuation from cash assistance.

7. I received an SMS from UNHCR inviting me for a physical validation, can I go to Khadamaty to validate?⬇️

If you are above 18 years old, known to UNHCR and your iris scan is recorded on your UNHCR file, you can complete validation through a Khadamaty. Any family member on the same file can also complete validation through Khadamaty if s/he meets the above criteria.

You can go to the nearest Khadamaty to validate, instead of attending physical validation. Watch this video to learn how to validate your Red Card through Khadamaty.

Khadamaty machines are located in Community Development Centers across the country and at the UNHCR Reception Center in Beirut. To know more about Khadamaty and its locations, please click here.

You do not need an appointment to validate your Red Card through a Khadamaty, however, please make sure to bring your Red Card with you.

8. Will my file with UNHCR be affected if I receive assistance or not? ⬇️

Receiving cash assistance to cover food and basic needs does not affect your file status with UNHCR, nor your access to other services.

If you do not receive cash assistance for food and basic needs, this does not mean that your UNHCR certificate (UN Paper) or barcode will be cancelled.

However, it is important to remain in contact with UNHCR and attend appointments you have been invited to (or call UNHCR at 📞04726111 to schedule a new appointment time) to keep your file active.

9. How to report issues related to cash assistance? ⬇️

To ask any questions or report a concern related to cash assistance provided by UNHCR, please call the UNHCR National Call Center at 📞04726111.

To report urgent issues with your Red Card, please contact BLF at 📞01242477 or 📞03242477.

10. Someone asked me via social media to share my personal information so that I can request cash assistance. What should I do? ⬇️

UNHCR does not ask refugees via social media to share their personal information. This is fraud. You must not provide your personal information to fraudsters.

If you have shared personal data with anyone you are suspicious of, or you are in doubt about the authenticity of a message, please call the UNHCR National Call Center at 📞 04726111 or contact us through 🗎 the Online Contact Form to report it.

11. Do I need to pay a fee to anyone to receive cash assistance? ⬇️

No. You do not have to pay any fee at any point. If you are requested to pay a fee at any point (such as at a validation center or ATM), do not pay and please call the UNHCR National Call Center at 📞 04726111 or contact us through 🗎 the Online Contact Form to report it.

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