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UNHCR takes a zero-tolerance stance towards cases of fraud, corruption and all forms of exploitation committed by any individual or entity in all our activities, and we continuously take concrete steps in this area. 

1. What is fraud?⬇️

Fraud is any act or omission to intentionally mislead UNHCR, its partners and/or refugees (including a refugee) to obtain a benefit.

2. What should I do to prevent falling for fraud?⬇️

Do not share your personal data and documentation, including passport, certificates or other documents you receive from UNHCR with anyone except UNHCR and its partners.

All services and assistance of UNHCR and its partners are free of charge. Do not trust anyone or any organization asking you to pay money.

If money or any other form of favor, including of a sexual nature, is requested from you in exchange for UNHCR services, do not believe them and report it to UNHCR immediately.

3. How do fraudsters operate?⬇️

Fraudsters may offer you facilitated access to resettlement, financial or other kinds of assistance, fake documents or fake claims in exchange for small or larger amounts of money, or other favors, including of a sexual nature. If any money or other favor is asked, this is fraud.

These offers may be made to you in person, by phone or via social media, including Facebook, YouTube, or WhatsApp.

Sometimes fraudsters impersonate and pretend to represent UNHCR to gain your trust. They may show you information to persuade you that they are connected to UNHCR.

People who tell you such lies are seeking to take advantage of your situation. Avoid them and do not believe them as this is fraud. Those persons are only after your money. Be alert and don’t get cheated.

Always remember that all services and assistance provided by UNHCR and its partners are free of charge!

4. What happens if I fall victim to fraud?⬇️

In addition to losing your money, your personal information might be misused by fraudsters to obtain benefits, be it of a financial or sexual nature.

5. What are the consequences of committing fraud?⬇️

Telling UNHCR incorrect information may be considered fraud. You have a duty to provide truthful and complete information and to report any change in your situation.

If you fail to provide truthful information, including through misrepresenting or concealing facts, in order to mislead UNHCR, then you may potentially face the following serious consequences:

  • Ineligibility for protection, assistance or durable solutions interventions, including cash assistance and resettlement;
  • Recording of any fraud allegations on your file;
  • Significant delays in your case which will be put on hold for the time of the investigation of the fraud allegation;
  • Disclosure of the alleged or confirmed fraud to resettlement countries;
  • Referral of suspected involvement in criminal activities to the competent national authorities.

6. How can I report fraud committed by refugees or others to UNHCR?⬇️

  • Calling UNHCR National Call Centre at 📞04726111
  • Contacting through 🗎 the Online Contact Form
  • Submitting a complaint through the nearest UNHCR Complaint Box, available at all reception centers in Beirut, Tyre, Zahle and Tripoli📬
  • Raising any fraud suspicion during an interview with a UNHCR or partner staff member.

7. How can I report fraud or other forms of misconduct committed by UNHCR staff or staff of UNHCR’s partners?⬇️

If you have a complaint or information about UNHCR staff, or staff of UNHCR partners or contractors, being involved in fraud, corruption, exploitation (including sexual exploitation), or abuse, please report it immediately to UNHCR’s Inspector-General’s Office (IGO) at its headquarters by:

8. What happens with my complaint once I have submitted it?⬇️

UNHCR takes all complaints seriously and follows up on each individually.

Please note that all communication with UNHCR is kept confidential.

Filing a complaint will not in any way impact your case with UNHCR.

In your complaint, please provide all facts and evidence known to you.

If you provide your contact details, we will be able to follow up with you on your complaint. Complaints may also be made anonymously.

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