Community Development Centers

Attention! All services and assistance of UNHCR and its partners are free of charge!

The 26 Community Development Centers across Lebanon are safe and open spaces where everyone is welcomed to receive information, ask questions, gain knowledge, learn new skills and socialize with other members of the community. They are run by partners with support of UNHCR.

1. What activities and services do the centers provide?⬇️

The following services are generally available at the centers:

  • Information on available services through information desks
  • Awareness sessions on key topics
  • Language or basic literacy classes in Arabic, English and French
  • Digital skills sessions at beginner, intermediate and advanced levels
  • Vocational/skills training
  • Life-skills sessions for youth and adults
  • Psychosocial support activities
  • Social, recreational and sports activities
  • Support to persons requiring specialized individual services
  • Access to free Wi-Fi connection, device charging station, computer room and library

Most of the centers also have a Khadamaty, a self-service machine through which you can access UNHCR services without needing to visit UNHCR Reception Centres or contact the National Call Center. To know more about Khadamaty, please click here.

2. How can I find a center near my home and know its opening hours? ⬇️

You can click this link to see a list of the centers, their locations, opening hours and contact details. You can also contact the centers to learn more about their specific activities.

3. I would like to submit a complaint or give feedback about something related to a center. What should I do? ⬇️

You can raise a complaint or give feedback by:

  • Submitting it through the complaint boxes placed in each center;
  • Reaching out to social workers at the centers in person or by phone;
  • Completing a satisfaction survey after participating in activities at the centers; or
  • Attending meetings and engaging yourself in discussions at the centers.

UNHCR and partners are always seeking to ensure that centers’ activities are high quality and based on participants’ feedback and suggestions. We welcome your inputs!

Also remember:

  • All humanitarian assistance is free of charge for everyone.
  • If you know or suspect that abuse is happening to you or someone you know, you have the right to report and seek help.
  • Any complaint you make will be kept confidential and followed up seriously.
  • Reporting will not prevent you from receiving services and assistance.

UNHCR has specialized and dedicated teams that investigate misconduct by humanitarian staff, including fraud and sexual exploitation and abuse. They can be reached directly through the UNHCR Inspector General Office’s email: 📧[email protected], or by calling 📞+41 22 739 8844.

For more information on fraud, please click here.

For more information on sexual exploitation and abuse, please click here.

4. I would like to participate in a community group at a Community Development Center. What should I do?⬇️

You can join a community group at a Community Development Center if you would like to have a more active role in suggesting, implementing and evaluating the activities and in carrying out community projects. If you would like to join one, please reach out directly to any staff member at the center to express your interest.

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