Beware of Fraudulent Schemes Leading to Abduction

📣This message is shared though the UNHCR WhatsApp communication📣

Fraudsters pretending to work for UNHCR or its partners continue to contact refugees via social media platforms, promising resettlement and offering appointments to refugees.

Refugees have been abducted by these criminals and detained in remote border areas in return for ransoms. In several cases the detainees were only liberated after huge ransoms were paid by their families!

Protect yourself! Do not fall victims to these fraudsters and do not share any of your personal information!

Remember that UNHCR appointments take place in UNHCR registration centers only!

All services by UNHCR and its partner are ALWAYS free of charge!

If you have been a victim of fraud or you suspect fraud, please report it to UNHCR at 📞04726111 or send us an email at 📧[email protected].

Check out the fraud page of the UNHCR Help Lebanon website for more information.