Reduction in Basic Needs Cash Assistance amount in Communities/Urban

Why is UNHCR decreasing the assistance amount?

UNHCR recognizes the challenges you and your family face in meeting your most basic needs. Unfortunately, we have not received enough money from donors to maintain our current cash assistance programme.  To support as many refugee families in need as possible, UNHCR is forced to cut the value of the cash assistance starting in May 2024, after Ramadan.

Can I appeal this UNHCR decision to reduce amounts?

No. Due to lower-than-expected donor funding, UNHCR is forced to reduce the amounts, to be able to support as many refugee families as possible.

What is meant by a reduction of assistance transfer value by 25 percent?

The reduction in the amount will go into effect only after Ramadan. If you receive UNHCR cash assistance, this means that you will receive 25% less cash assistance, per month, than you received in the past.

4) Will I get the usual amount of assistance during the month of April?

UNHCR understands that your family has higher expenses during Ramadan. For this reason, UNHCR has delayed the reduction in the value of the cash assistance you may be receiving until after the Eid holidays. The 25 percent reduction in your assistance amount will begin in May 2024.

Will UNHCR return to the usual assistance amount in the future?

UNHCR cannot predict its future funding. UNHCR is forced to reduce the assistance amounts for families on the cash list starting in May 2024 due to reduced donor funding. This reduction will affect all families receiving cash assistance from UNHCR. The assistance amounts are dependent on donor funding to UNHCR, so the future is uncertain.

I reside in the camp. Will the value of the UNHCR assistance I receive decrease too?

No. Refugee families that live in the camps receive significantly less cash assistance than families that live in host communities. This is because their shelter and other basic needs are provided by UNHCR. The quarterly cash assistance that refugees in camps receive will be unchanged in 2024.

Does this reduction apply to WFP assistance?

No. This change is to UNHCR cash assistance only.

Is this decrease in assistance value related to my job/file at UNHCR/eligibility for resettlement/refugee status/etc.?

No. These reductions are due to reduced donor funding to UNHCR in Jordan only. The decrease in assistance amounts is not related to other factors.

Due to declining support from donors, UNHCR regrets to inform you that we are forced to reduce basic needs cash for refugees. We will continue to support the most vulnerable, but it will be fewer families, starting in April. You can call the helpline to check your eligibility starting in April.

As we try to support as many families as possible, we will have to reduce the cash transfer amounts by 25 per cent. This reduction will come into effect only after Ramadan, as of May.

This change does not apply to refugees in camps.