When was the last time UNHCR contacted you?

As most UNHCR’s processing modalities are carried out remotely due to the coronavirus pandemic, the only available way for UNHCR to communicate with you is through phone calls and SMS. Please keep your mobile phone numbers active and reachable. If the mobile number shared with UNHCR is no longer active, UNHCR will not be able to contact you. ⚠ 

Please make sure UNHCR has your up-to-date and active phone number, to enable us to reach you with phone calls and messages on assistance notifications, appointments for renewal, refugee status determination and resettlement interviews, and other important information and services

In case you changed your mobile phone number, please update your contact detail by calling the UNHCR Helpline 06400800 ? through the interactive voice response system, and without the need to speak to an agent. The system will ask you to enter your new phone number twice for confirmation. Please make sure: 

➡ You enter the number correctly 

➡ You provide a number that is active and reachable at all times. Make sure you are not sharing your phone number with other refugees to avoid confusion. 

⏰ This feature on the Helpline remains available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, through the Interactive Voice Response system. If the lines are busy, please pick another timing of the day to call back.