Rights and obligations of asylum-seekers

ქართულიAs an asylum-seeker you have the right:

  • to stay in Georgia after applying for international protection
  • not to be extradited or refouled from Georgia, until the Ministry’s decision or a court’s final judgement on your asylum application enters into force
  • to receive information on your rights and obligations and asylum procedure from the representatives of the Ministry and Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR)
  • to be interviewed by an authorised official and the interpreter of the same gender
  • to benefit from free of charge services of an interpreter during asylum procedure
  • to benefit from the free legal service in accordance with the Law of Georgia on Legal Aid during the court procedures (in case when the Ministry rejects to grant you international protection)
  • to stay in Martkopi Reception Centre for the period of the review of your application for international protection by the Ministry
  • to receive an asylum-seeker certificate and a temporary ID card during the period of the asylum procedure
  • to benefit from the state healthcare programmes similar to citizens of Georgia except for the limitations provided by the legislation of Georgia
  • to enjoy the right to pre-school and general education similar to citizens of Georgia and apply to professional and high education in accordance to the legislation of Georgia
  • to withdraw your application for international protection on a voluntary basis
  • to be exempted from the payment of court fees during the appeals proceedings before the courts
  • to enjoy right to work (including through self-employment) after applying for international protection
  • to address administrative bodies and courts in accordance with the procedures provided by the legislation of Georgia
  • to be informed about the opportunity to contact the UNHCR
  • to apply to the Public Defender’s Office of Georgia if you want to report a violation of your rights.

As an asylum-seeker you have an obligation:

  • to comply with the Constitution of Georgia, Law of Georgia on International Protection and other laws of Georgia
  • to respect the local culture, traditions and customs
  • not to leave Georgia during the asylum proceedings
  • to submit all available documents and relevant evidence, in particular, the information about your identity (ID cards and/or travel documents), citizenship, previous country (countries) or place(s) of residence, transit route(s), identification documentation, including travel documents and on the reasons for which you are applying for international protection
  • to state the truth and cooperate with the Ministry in order to fully establish all the circumstances specified in your application on international protection
  • to submit the travel document if any, to the Ministry upon the receipt of the asylum-seeker’s certificate
  • to provide the Ministry with the current residence address during the initial interview
  • to inform the authorised official within 10 calendar days, of any change of address of the place of actual residence, or legal or civil status, or of losing or damaging the identity document issued by the relevant state agencies of Georgia
  • to have the photo and fingerprints taken and undergo relevant medical examination, if so required by an authorized official
  • to obey the rules of Reception Centre, if accommodated there.

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