Frequently asked questions

Can I apply for asylum in Georgia?

If you are outside your country of origin for fear of persecution or other serious harm threatening your life or freedom, you can apply for asylum in Georgia. For more details on the asylum process, click here.

I am in detention, how can I apply for asylum?

If you are in prison or being held by the police in detention, you can apply for asylum at the prison / detention centre / police station where you are being held.

For more information about the process of applying for asylum while being detained please refer to the section Seeking asylum while in detention.

How long does it take to get a decision on my asylum application?

Generally, your application for international protection will be reviewed by the Ministry within 6 months, but depending on the complexity of the case, the review period might be prolonged for 9 months; overall, the administrative procedure will not exceed 21 months from the date the application was submitted.

Will my fingerprints be taken?

Yes, upon registration with the Division of International Protection Issues in the Migration Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia.

I would like to go to European country without applying for asylum. Is this possible?

Travel to the European country would require a valid travel document and an entry visa issued by the country of intended destination under the conditions provided by that country’s law.

What documents do I need to submit with my asylum application?

You will need to complete the personal data form with all your personal details. You must complete the application form at the Department of International Protection Issues where you need to indicate I detail the reasons why you are unwilling or unable to return to your country.

Do I need a lawyer to apply for asylum?

You do not need a lawyer to submit an asylum application. You have the right, however, to have a lawyer during the court procedures of your asylum application. The Legal Aid Service (LAS) provides free legal consultations to asylum-seekers during the administrative procedure and free court representation during the court procedures. You can also apply for a free legal advice from UNHCR partner Article 42.

Will the authorities of my country know that I have applied for asylum in Georgia?

The authorities in Georgia to which you submit your application are bound by strict rules of confidentiality. They are not permitted to release information to the authorities of your country, or to its embassies or consulates.

If I apply for asylum in Georgia, will my application be accepted and will I be granted international protection?

Your application for asylum will be accepted, however, decisions on asylum applications are made on a case-by-case basis. Some applications are granted international protection and some are not.

If you are granted international protection, you may be granted either refugee status or humanitarian status. Both provide certain rights, such as access to employment (including the ability to set up your own business), healthcare, primary and secondary education and state support under the same conditions that apply to Georgian nationals. For more information refer to our section on Rights and Obligations of Refugees and Humanitarian status holders.

Do I need to pay to apply for asylum?

No, the initial process of applying for asylum does not have any cost implications.

What do I do if I’m rejected to international protection?

If you are rejected to international protection you will receive a letter explaining the reasons of rejection. You have the right to appeal within the time limit stated in the letter. The appeal is free of charge. For details about the appeal process, please see the Appeal section.