Protection for arrivals from Ukraine

‼️The UNHCR Representation in Georgia would like to inform Ukrainians refugees in Georgia about its on-going cash assistance programme for vulnerable refugees and those with specific needs.

🔹This supports and complements the Government’s assistance scheme for those Ukrainians being asked to move out from state-funded hotel accommodation.

🔹Our scheme is not limited to those in state-funded hotels, but also available for Ukrainians with protection needs who currently live in other accommodation in Georgia.

🔹 It is aligned to UNHCR’s cash assistance programme for asylum-seekers and refugees in Georgia of other nationalities, which is based on the same vulnerability criteria.

🔹Since January 2022, UNHCR has been helping refugees with specific protection needs through the cash programme, including over 2500 Ukrainians.

🔹 The cash assistance funded by UNHCR is being managed by our partner “World Vision Georgia” who also bring additional funding to expand the number of families supported overall.

🔹 To complement the 3 months of state support to Ukrainians of 300 GEL (per family) + 45 GEL (per individual) support offered, and at the request of the Government, UNHCR jointly with World Vision will provide 235 GEL per person per month for a minimum 2 month period to individuals considered eligible according to agreed vulnerability criteria.

‼️All cash assistance applications should be submitted to World Vision Georgia at +995 577 045645 or +995 577 258479, on weekdays.

🔹Living in hotel accommodation in the longer term is neither sustainable for the host government nor for refugee families. Providing cash assistance offers the flexibility for people to move freely and spread out from expensive city centres.

🔹This approach is used in other countries receiving large numbers of refugees.The Georgian Government’s level of assistance is similar to that offered to internally displaced persons in the country.

🔹Significant rises in the cost of living make it very difficult particularly for refugees to manage on this support alone, which is why the international community will contribute and complement these efforts, to support new refugee arrivals in the country.

🔹Our support is limited to those with specific vulnerabilities and protection needs. For the majority of people, it will be important, with time, to find work and become self-reliant in Georgia.

🔹For refugees, identifying a suitable location and finding affordable accommodation, jobs and schools is a challenge. We are trying to assist people, in partnership with World Vision and other international and local partners, and in close collaboration with central Government and municipalities.

🔹We will advocate for more resources as the situation evolves. We are present through World Vision and refugee community group facilitators in Kutaisi and Batumi as well as in Tbilisi.

‼️For questions, please contact the UNHCR hotline at + 995 32 2185123 on weekdays during working hours.

Border crossings

Advice before travelling to the border: Make sure you have your passport or other ID. If you do not have any documents, also take invalid or damaged documents or photocopies of documents.

Given the simplified procedures of entry for the citizens of Ukraine in Georgia, the absence of any documentation might not create an obstacle to entering the country. If possible, please consult with the Patrol Police Department 📞(032) 241-42-42 in advance.

Crossing the border

Citizens of Ukraine can enter Georgia without a visa and stay in Georgia without a visa, for 1 full year.
For more information, please check the consular web page:

Conditions of entry to Georgia
Entry to Georgia is allowed to all persons fleeing the war in Ukraine.
At the moment, entry is possible for persons who do not have a valid travel document (biometric passport) as well. If you are travelling with children, it is recommended that you have at least your child’s birth certificate with you.

Persons without a valid passport are advised to carry any other document confirming their identity.  However, even in absence of such documents, Ukrainians might be allowed to enter. If possible, please consult with the Patrol Police Department 📞 (032) 241-42-42 in advance.

In the event that an unaccompanied child crosses the border, the competent authority, in cooperation with the police, shall coordinate the next steps. Government officials consider a child as “unaccompanied” if they are “alone” when they arrive at the border without lawful status.

In such cases, please, contact Child Helpline: 📞 111

After crossing the border

After crossing the border, every Ukrainian is free to choose the city of residence in Georgia.

Governmental and non-governmental organizations can provide humanitarian and basic material assistance based on the place of residence. Please follow the link to see the mapping of the available services:

! Disclaimer! The information in the service mapping is not collected by UNHCR, therefore UNHCR does not bear responsibility for its validity.


Georgian border accepts pets at border crossings even without a passport and vaccination. Although, as a rule, the pet must meet the following requirements:

  • must be healthy;
  • the preventive vaccination, diagnostic research and relevant processing must be undergone;
  • must be accompanied by a veterinary certificate or a pet passport.

International passport for dogs and cats must include the following basic information:

  • data about animals (information for their identification);
  • data about pet owners;
  • residence address;
  • data about veterinary measures provided on the pet (by referring to the dates):
  • about the rabies vaccination;
  • treatment against the eco and endoparasites.


Do not hand over your documents, and property or use unofficial transportation from anyone else.
If you feel threatened, please contact the national non-stop helpline for victims of trafficking 📞: 116 006.

Staying in Georgia

Staying in Georgia: According to the Decree #81 of the Government of Georgia on amending the Resolution No. 255 of the Government of Georgia, if you are a citizen of Ukraine you can stay in the territory of Georgia for two years.

In order to be able to stay legally in the territory of Georgia for a longer period of time, you will have to decide during this period whether you will apply for one of the forms of residence or apply for asylum.

Applying for Asylum

If you are in need of asylum (international protection), you have the right to address any state agency or submit a written request for asylum in Georgia at the state border or at the Division of the International Protection Issues of the Migration Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia.

At the end of the asylum procedure, you may be granted refugee status or humanitarian status, or your asylum application may be rejected.

N.B. Obtaining refugee or humanitarian status does not restrict a person from travelling abroad. Also, a person can at any time withdraw the asylum application or apply for the cessation of the refugee or humanitarian statuses.

The Department is the main State authority responsible for asylum procedures and registering asylum-seekers.

Phone number: 📞 (+995) 598 08 00 97
Address:  16, Mikheil Gakhokidze Street, Tbilisi, Georgia
Reception Hours: Monday-Friday/9:00-18:00
E-mail[email protected]

More information on Rights and Obligations is available at
More information about the asylum related legislation is available on

Sate Financial Assistance

Government Decree # 1254 “On the socio-economic support measures for citizens of Ukraine and persons with the right to permanent residence in Ukraine who entered Georgia due to the hostilities in Ukraine” came into its implementation as of 1 August and the Government announced, on 22 October, its extension until May 2023.

  • The Decree primarily covers all Ukrainian refugees who were accommodated in the hotels and envisages financial assistance of 300 GEL per family and 45 GEL per person.
  • The Decree also covers all post 15 July arrivals, who will be assisted with emergency 10 days accommodation and, if assessed vulnerable, refugees will get the same type of financial assistance (300 GEL per family and 45 GEL per person).
  • In the scope of extended Decree, all those previously assisted by the Government will continue to get the assistance until May 2023 without further reassessment.
  • Those in need may also apply for the emergency accommodation. 

For more information, please approach the Hotline 1505 of the Ministry of Health.


Residents of Ukraine have the same access to the labour market as Georgian citizens (except for civil servants). They can be employed on an employment contract or in the form of an agreement.

The offer of vacancies in the Ukrainian language is available directly on the following websites:

In addition please consult UNHCR’s partner organization World Vision Georgia to explore the employment opportunities:
Tel: 📞 (+995) 577045645
Address: 67b Zhiuli Shartava Str., Tbilisi, Georgia
Facebook page


Citizens of Ukraine who arrived in Georgia between 1 February – 15 April 2022 are included in the state healthcare programmes covering the following:

  • Immunization;
  • Tuberculosis and HIV infections/AIDs, including specialized medication;
  • Maternal and child health, including antenatal care and screening of newborns;
  • Mental health;
  • Diabetes including medication;
  • Dialysis;
  • Treatment of patients with rare diseases and subject to permanent substitution treatment;
  • New coronavirus – COVIF19 treatment, including testing, vaccination, stationary and at-home treatment;
  • Referral – emergency services, including child delivery, and emergency immunization.

Call 📞 1505 for more information

In addition to the State provided services, please follow the link to see the mapping of services offered by private companies:


According to the decision of the Government of Georgia, as a result of the invasion of Ukraine on February 24, 2022, schoolchildren who are unable to continue their general education in Ukrainian schools and express a desire to continue their education in Georgia will be enrolled in schools in a simplified manner.

Schoolchildren can be enrolled in the class in which they were studying at a general education institution in Ukraine as of February 24, 2022.

Psychological counselling is available to school children from Ukraine throughout Georgia.
Detailed information is available on the hotline of the Ministry of Education: 📞 (995 32) 2 200 220.
If you require assistance in enrolling children in school, please contact UNHCR’s partner organization World Vision Georgia:
Tel: 📞 (+995) 577045645
Address: 67b Zhiuli Shartava Str., Tbilisi, Georgia
Facebook page


You can find all the important and up-to-date information about COVID-19 and related restrictions in Georgia at:

Help of NGOs

➡️ WV Georgia

Vouchers for clothing and medication.
Psycho-social activities for children and adults.
Music therapy sessions for kids every Sunday.
Group therapy sessions in the hotels hosting Ukrainians.
Consultations with a psychologist.
Address: 67b, Zhiuli Shartava St, Tbilisi
Phone: 📞 (+995 322) 15 75 15
Mail: [email protected]

➡️ Care Caucasus

Multi-purpose cash grants.
Hygiene packages.
Address: 14B Shalva Nutsubidze St, Tbilisi
Phone: 📞 (+995 322) 29 13 78
Mail: [email protected]

➡️ IDP Women Association “Consent”

Mobile medical service in the hotels hosting Ukrainians.
Psycho-social activities for youth outside Tbilisi.
Address: Queen Tamar Ave, Tbilisi
Phone: 📞 (+995 322) 34 49 82

➡️ NGO Bridge Innovation and Development

Employment and accommodation possibility in Akhmeta.
Provision of the office premises for various activities.
Address: 8 Marika Baratashvili Dead End, Tbilisi
Phone: 📞 (+995 322) 18 03 60
Mail: [email protected]

➡️ American Friends of Georgia (AFG)

Art rehabilitation program for children and women.
Educational activities for children.
Address: Nutsubidze Street # 77
Phone:📞 (+995 322) 39 71 74

➡️ Red Cross Georgia

Counselling and referral
Translation-dissemination of the psycho-social informational and educational material
Hotline: 📞(+995 322) 501 105 (from 10:00 to 18:00)
Mail: [email protected]
FB: GeorgiaRedCross

➡️ NGO “Empathy”

Mental health support services, including psychological, psychiatric, and medical support.
Support to victims of torture and violence, entailing diagnostics/expertise and case management.
Address: 23 Kandelaki street, 0160, Tbilisi
Phone: 📞 (+995 322) 38 10 15
Mail: [email protected]

➡️ Rights Georgia                                                                                                                               

Legal counselling
Address: 11a Akaki Gakhokidze Street, Tbilisi
Hotline: 📞 +995 599 111 405
Mail: [email protected]

➡️Save the Children International

Social, emotional and educational support programme within two Child Friendly Spaces (CFS) located in Tbilisi for children from Ukraine.                                                                                                                                                                                                            Psychosocial support for parents of the children attending the CFS within the same space.

Address: 27b, A. Mitskevichi street, Tbilisi

Phone: 📞 (+995 322) 23 25 20


Address of the preschool class for the 5-6 years old kids: # 18, Chiaureli street, kindergarten #93
Operation Days & Hours: Monday-Friday 10:00 -17:30 / Food: four meals per day provided.

Address of the child friendly space for children in between ages 3-15: #38 (A) Paliashvili Street, kindergarten #1
Operation Days & Hours: Saturday-Sunday 11:00 – 14:00 / Snacks: Provided

Address of the child friendly space for children between ages 3-15: #58, Tskhra Dzma Kherkhulidze street.                                  Operation Days & Hours: 14:00 – 18:00 School #220 / Snacks: Provided

Relocation to the Europe Union (EU)

From Georgia, you can use air transport. 3 international airports are operational in Georgia:

Consulates and embassies in Georgia

An overview of contact details of consulates and embassies in Georgia is available on the following link:

Important links

Important contacts

Emergency situations

📞 112

112 service is free of charge and unifies different services in Georgia, in particular, these services are:
patrol police, fire/rescue and medical services.

UNHCR Representation in Georgia
Address: 2a Aleksandre Kazbegi Ave. Tbilisi Georgia
Теlephone: 📞 +995 577 41 56 10
E-mail: [email protected]

Embassy of Ukraine in Georgia
Address: 76g I.Chavchavadze Ave.,Tbilisi Georgia
Phone 📞 +810-99532-311161 / +810-99532-311454

Division of International Protection Issues of the Migration Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia
Address:  16, Mikheil Gakhokidze Street, Tbilisi, Georgia
Phone number: 📞 (+995) 598 08 00 97