Unaccompanied and separated children in asylum procedures

A person who is under 18 is considered to be a child in Armenia. If the child is not accompanied by an adult family member in Armenia, then he/she is considered an unaccompanied child.

If a person under 18 is accompanied by an adult in Armenia, but is separated from his/her parents, he/she is considered a child separated from the family.

In case of an unaccompanied and separated child, the processing of asylum application shall be temporary ceased by the Migration Service until a representative/ guardian is appointed.

The representative is appointed by the Migration Service, from the list of candidates with appropriate knowledge and experience.
If a guardian has been appointed for the child, he/she is considered the representative. If the child has been placed in a social protection institution (orphanage, boarding school, Children’s Support Center), the staff member of the institution is considered the representative of the child.

The appointed representative will present the interests of the child during the whole period of asylum process. The Migration Service interview will take place in the presence of the representative.

The interview will take place within two weeks after appointment of the representative. It will be held by the Migration Service official having experience of work with persons with special needs.

With the consent of the child, the Migration Service will take measures to search for the parents of the child for family unification purpose.

A room will be provided as a priority in the temporary Reception Center for asylum-seekers under the Migration Service. If, in consultation with the child’s representative, the child’s residence in the Reception Center is found to be inappropriate, he/she will be placed in another institution, which will ensure his/her living and care.