Asylum-seeker Identification Document

Within three working days after submitting an asylum application, the Migration Service will issue an asylum-seeker Identification Document (ID card).
This document confirms that you have applied for asylum in Armenia and your presence in the territory of Armenia is legal. The ID card provides you with the right of free movement within the entire territory of Armenia, exercising a number of rights and benefiting from a number of services.
The asylum-seeker ID card will be issued to you for three months. If a decision with regard to your asylum application is not delivered by the Migration Service, the period of validity of the card will be extended for another three months. The period of validity of the card will be extended every time it expires for another period up to three months until a final decision is made (including the end of the appeal procedure).
In case of loss of the card, you should immediately apply to the Migration Service to be issued a new one.

You should return your Asylum-seeker ID card to the Migration Service, if:
1. you have been granted asylum,
2. your asylum application is finally rejected,
3. you withdraw your asylum application,
4. you are leaving Armenia,
5. the asylum-seeker ID card is subject to be replaced by a new one.