Asylum-seekers in detention

What is important to know?

  • You should express your intention of seeking asylum to the administration of the penitentiary institution, which will then refer your asylum application to the Migration Service.
  • An asylum application can also be submitted in cases of illegally entry to Armenia (without proper travel documents). In such situations you should approach the prison administration and inform about your intention to seek asylum in Armenia without delay, if you have not already approached other state authorities (border guards, police, the Migration Service).
  • You can apply through the prison administration to the Office of Public Defender of the Chamber of Advocates of RA requesting to provide you with free legal aid.
  • You should participate in the interview conducted by the competent state bodies, including the prison administration.
  • Asylum application is examined by the MS within a period of three months after having it registered with the MS and may be extended by the MS for up to three months, with the exception of cases where accelerated procedures are applied.
  • Information provided by asylum-seekers during the interview is not shared with the authorities of your home country and any third party under any circumstances.
  • You should follow the Armenian legislation.