Partners and contact information

Migration and Citizenship Service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs

Scope of activities:
• Reception of asylum-seekers
• Refugee status determination (RSD)
• Facilitation of refugee integration through referrals to other partners’ projects
• Provision of social housing
• Provision of rental subsidies for refugees

Address: 31, Karapet Ulnetsi Str; Yerevan, Armenia
Phone: +374 60 275 014; +374 60 275 032;
+374 33 275 024/ +374 33 275 034 (for refugees)
+374 60 275 024/+374 60 275 034 (for asylum-seekers)
E-mail: [email protected]

The Human Rights Defender (Ombudsman)

The Defender is an independent state official who observes the maintenance of human rights and freedoms on the part of state and local self-government bodies and officials, as well as organizations operating in the field of public service. The Defender also contributes to the restoration of violated rights and freedoms.

Address: Yerevan 0002, 56a Pushkin Str.
Phone: +374 10 53 76 51
E-mail: [email protected]
Hotline: 116

Mission Armenia NGO

Scope of activities provided through Mission Armenia Head Office, refugee sites, Reception Center, Social Houses:
• Social services (consulting/counseling, case management, referrals)
• Legal assistance (consulting/counseling, rights protection and court representation)
• Health services (informative support, referrals, treatment, provision of medicine)
• Care services (persons with disabilities/elderly)
• Rental subsidy scheme; Temporary shelter support through social housing
• Cash-based humanitarian assistance
• Humanitarian assistance in the form of food/non-food basic commodities
• Advocacy, including prevention of statelessness

Address: 42, Garegin Nzhdeh Str., Yerevan, Armenia
Phone: (010) 44-47-92, (094)44-07-93, (096)40-35-45
E-mail: [email protected]
Website: ;

Armenian Red Cross Society

Scope of activities:
• Weekly monitoring visits to Reception Center
• Individual and group info sessions/ referrals, printing and provision of info materials
• Counseling on employment, referrals and coaching
• Facilitation of economic integration
• Training on emergency preparedness and first aid
• Training on the prevention of sex and gender-based violence (SGBV)
• Individual support to SGBV survivors
• Psychological individual counseling
• Monitoring visits to border crossing points
• Provision of translation services
• Business coaching

Address: 21/1, Paronyan Str; Yerevan, Armenia
Phone: + 374 60 625 050
E-mail: [email protected]

KASA Swiss Humanitarian Foundation

Scope of activities:
– Operates the UNHCR Hotline and provides information about UNHCR activities and available assistance programmes;
– Collects feedback from persons of concern on the work of partners and UNHCR.

Address: 29, Nalbandyan Str., Yerevan, Armenia
Phone: 0 8000 0025 (UNHCR Hotline)
E-mail: [email protected];
Facebook: KASA Swiss Humanitarian Foundation

Children’s Support Center Foundation, Fund for Armenian Relief (FAR CSCF)

FAR CSCF provides crisis intervention and rehabilitation services to children aged 3-18 who are in need of:
1. Short-term shelter: The service offers temporary shelter and 7/24 care and protection as well as social-pedagogical assistance; psychological assistance; medical assistance; legal counseling
2. Psycho-social support: The service is accessible to children both at the Center and outside of the Center. In particular, this includes the following: individual and family counselling; support in family conflict resolution; ensuring access to relevant services; skills development; supporting children and their families to realize their rights during integration process.
3. Resilience building. The service is accessible to children in and outside of the Center. Individual and group art therapy is applied to: develop creative thinking, promote self-expression, increase positive self-confidence, develop and activate self-protection mechanisms.

Address: 64, K. Ulnetsi Str., Yerevan, Armenia
Phone: +374 60 526 660, +374 95 240 150, 0800 61111
Email: [email protected]

The Office of Public Defender of the Chamber of Advocates

The Office of Public Defender provides free legal aid inter alia to asylum-seekers, refugees, persons who received temporary protection in Armenia, victims of trafficking (subject to human trafficking committee recognition as such) and torture, as well as to persons who cannot afford legal services to protect their rights and freedoms before judicial, as well as other public bodies.
Phone: +374 10 60 07 14
Address: Yerevan, 0010, 7-2 Zakyan Str., floor 2
E-mail: [email protected]

Penitentiary Service of the Ministry of Justice of RA

In case of being held in prison, asylum-seekers can apply to the prison administration for referring their asylum request to the Migration Service. The administration of penitentiary institution is responsible for informing asylum-seekers about their legal rights and obligations. The interview and all information provided by the asylum-seekers will be registered and passed to the State Migration Service.

Address: Yerevan 0061, 63 Arshakunyats Ave.
Hotline: +374 10 44 22 73

International Organization for Migration (IOM)

IOM enhances the humane and orderly management of migration and the effective respect for the human rights of migrants and facilitates the voluntary return and reintegration of refugees, displaced persons, migrants and other individuals in need of international migration services, in cooperation with other relevant international organizations as appropriate.

Address: 14 Petros Adamyan Str., Yerevan 0010, Armenia
Phone: +374 10 58 56 92
E-mail: [email protected]