Rights and obligations of refugees

Rights of refugees

1. Right to legal residence in Armenia
In case of being recognized as a refugee, the person is granted the right to legal residence and without time limitation as well as document certifying the refugee status.

2. Right to work
The refugee has the right to work. The refugee is not demanded to apply for working permit as it is usually the case with other foreigners. By refugee recognition he/she automatically receives the working permit.
A refugee has the right to look for a job and to work under the same conditions as the RA citizens, except for the cases when it is obligatory to have the RA citizenship by the law (for example, work at state and local self-government bodies).

3. Right to education
In Armenia, refugees have the right to general education on the same basis as the Republic of Armenia citizens. They have the right to place their child, who is 6 years old or older, in the first grade of the Republic of Armenia state comprehensive school.
A refugee can choose a general education school for his/her child. The list of public general education schools is available on the official website of the Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sport.
With regard to higher educations (university, institute, academia, etc.), a refugee has rights similar to the Republic of Armenia citizens.

4. Right to movement and choosing place of residence
A refugee has the right to freedom of movement within the territory of Armenia and choose a place of residence.
A refugee can travel outside Armenia with his/her valid Convention Travel Document in case of receiving visa of the respective country.

5. Right to property
A refugee has the same rights as the Republic of Armenia citizens with regard to purchase of movable and immovable property, as well as its ownership. A refugee shall not enjoy only the right to land ownership, as according to the national legislation, the right to land ownership is granted only to the Republic of Armenia citizens and foreigners who have special residence permit.

6. Right to social security and medical care
A refugee has the same rights equal to the Republic of Armenia citizens to benefit from social services, e.g. to receive state allowances and financial aid, such as benefits given for temporary unemployment, accidents and professional diseases, pension, and unemployment allowance. A refugee has the right to receive free medical care and health services, and persons under 18 also have the possibility of free hospital medical care in accordance with the Republic of Armenia laws.

7. Right to Armenian citizenship (naturalization)
If a person is recognized as a refugee and is familiar with the Constitution of the Republic of Armenia, he/she has the right to apply for Armenian citizenship (please see https://www.mfa.am/hy/citizenship).
In order to receive RA citizenship, he/she needs to apply to the Passport and Visa Department of the RA Police, to fill in an application and submit the necessary documents. Familiarity with the Republic of Armenia Constitution will be examined by test.


Limitations to some rights
A refugee is not entitled to participate in the elections of the Parliament. He/she also cannot join any party of the Republic of Armenia or be elected or appointed to a position at state or local self-government bodies, nor can he/she be a public servant or have the right of land ownership.

Obligations of refugees

Refugees should respect the legal interests, rights and freedoms of the Republic of Armenia citizens and others, maintain public order, and the Republic of Armenia security.
He/she is obliged to pay taxes, duties and other compulsory fees as prescribed by Republic of Armenia law.