Principle of non-refoulement

The principle of non-refoulement is applied to both asylum-seekers and refugees.

If a person is applying for asylum in Armenia or has been granted refugee status, then he/she shall not be returned to the country of citizenship or permanent residence or another country against his/her will, where his/her life or freedom may be threatened for the following reasons:
• Race,
• Religion,
• Nationality,
• Membership of a particular social group,
• Political opinion,
• Generalized violence,
• External aggression,
• Internal conflicts,
• Massive violation of human rights, or
• Other serious events disrupting public order.

He/she may not be deported, returned or extradited to another country where there is a danger of cruel and inhuman or degrading treatment and torture or punishment.
The principle of non-refoulement will not be applied to an asylum-seeker or a person recognized as refugee, if:

  • He/She has been recognized as a refugee, but there are reasonable grounds to believe that he/she causes a danger to the national security;
  • Having been convicted of a particularly serious crime, the person constitutes a danger to the community.