Assistance for refugees

State agencies and non-governmental organizations within the framework of their competencies provide assistance to refugees in various issues:
• Assistance in providing accommodation,
• Financial support,
• Legal aid,
• Psychological support,
• Social assistance,
• Medical care,
• Assistance in educational issues,
• Assistance in pension issues.

Assistance in providing accommodation

The State is not obliged to provide accommodation to the persons recognized as a refugee. The Migration Service has dormitories at its disposal, and you can be provided with a room in one of them, if free rooms are available. The issue of providing you with a room in the dormitory is discussed and the room is allocated to you by the relevant working group coordinated by the Migration Service. The relevant application should be submitted to the Migration Service on working days: Monday to Friday, at 09:00-18:00 (break 13:00-14:00).

Medical care

If you have some health problems you can apply to your district policlinic, where you will receive free ambulatory medical assistance. You also will be provided with free emergency assistance.

Educational assistance

Institutions of general education will help your child on the issues related to his/her school attendance free of charge. As regards to higher education, you should apply to the preferred higher education institution to get education at the department of your choice, similarly to Armenian citizens.

Social and psychological assistance

Social and psychological assistance is mainly provided by non-governmental organizations.


In order to find a job, you can apply to the State Employment Agency which offers:
•Consultations and information on provided services;
•Consultation on professional orientation;
•Free of charge assistance to find job;
•Participation in employment projects and events;
•Vocational trainings.
You can find the list of non-state organizations providing employment assistance at the following link:

Legal aid

Asylum-seekers and refugees are provided free legal aid free of charge in accordance with the Law of the Republic of Armenia “On Advocacy.”
The Office of the Public Defender provides free legal aid to vulnerable groups prescribed by the law. Asylum-seekers and refugees are included as a separate group entitled to free legal aid.
Also, you can also apply the Office of the Human Rights Defender and the Chamber of Advocates for legal counselling.