University Scholarship: Luiss University in Rome, Italy

LUISS University is still accepting applications for its 2022-2023 Progetto Mediterraneo Scholarship program for refugees in Türkiye . There will be another information session held on 18th March from 15:00-17:00 hrs (GMT +3) about different courses on offer and additional information on the application process. Zoom link is on the flier

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Applications are currently open for admission. Scholarship application deadline is 31, March 2022.

What is the Progetto Mediterraneo program?

It is a program that aims to provide higher education opportunities to refugee students in various Mediterranean countries. This program is co-sponsored by Luiss University, a diverse, private university in Italy with an English-language curriculum.

Who can apply?

The application is open to refugee students (beneficiaries of temporary and international protection) of all nationalities currently living in Türkiye .

Criteria of refugee students who can apply to the scholarship: 

  • Registered by Turkish authorities with temporary (TP) or international protection (IP) status.
  • Have obtained a secondary school certificate or diploma in 2019 or later or are going to graduate with a secondary school diploma eligible for access to an Italian Bachelor Degree by June 2022. Students may verify the eligibility of their diploma according to ministerial guidelines here;
  • have an English level of B2 or above;
  • have obtained a grade point average (GPA) of at least 3.0 out of 4.0, based on the American GPA system (more info here).

Documents required for the online application form: 

  • certificate showing the studies completed to date (official transcript or, if not available, provisional transcript) and associated grades;
  • National document proving the legal status as indicated above (only official Turkish identity documents will be accepted);
  • Valid passport or Travel Document valid for 5 years;
  • contact details (mail and mobile phone number) of a reference (a tutor, a professor, or generally someone who can support your academic performance and character) who may be contacted by the admissions board;
  • certificate attesting knowledge of the English at a B2 level;
  • other optional certification (e.g, SAT or ACT certificates).

What is the deadline for the scholarship application?

Candidates must fill out the application form online by March 31, 2022.

Which expenses are covered by the scholarship?

Tuition fees, reading materials, travel costs and room and board in Rome for 5 full academic years are covered under the full scholarship.

How can I apply to this scholarship?

Interested candidates may apply through this link (users will need to register their details through the university application portal to begin the application process). For more information on Progetto Mediterraneo please click here.

How can applicants submit their application form?
Applicants can read the Call for Applications at the following link: Progetto Mediterraneo 2022-2023.pdf
Timeline of the selection process:
Application by March 31, 2022
Communication of outcome by May 31, 2022
Enrollment by July 20, 2022
Arrival in Italy late August/first weeks of September 2022 – TBC
Applicant can access the form by clicking the following link
and registering using the “Register” button under the login section. Once registered, applicants can then
return to the login page. Once they have entered their login information, they will have access to the
form and can:
• Fill in the personal data and high school information;
• Upload the following documents:
– “Transcript” section: upload by creating a single PDF file the high school transcript of records,
the English Language certificate and optional certificate, if any, like the SAT or ACT certificate;
• “Identification document” section: upload along with their valid passport or travel Document one
of the following documents:
– UNHCR document
– a national document proving the legal status of asylum seeker or refugee
– a document proving the protection granted in Türkiye . 

What is the age limit that would qualify the students to apply for Progetto?
There is no age limit for students to apply, as long as they have obtained a secondary school certificate
or diploma eligible for access to Italian Bachelor’s Degrees achieved no earlier than 2019 or are going
to graduate with a secondary school diploma by no later than June 2022.

Can applicants submit documents in any language?
No, the applicants should submit documents issued in English or French or provide an English/French
translation. During the application phase, applicants may submit a translation written by themselves.
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What if I don’t have a passport, and unable to have one issued, would I still be considered
for the scholarship? And how would Progetto help me solve this issue if I were to be selected?
If you don’t have a national passport, please verify if you are able to obtain a Convention Travel
Document with the UNHCR office.

What are the nationalities eligible to apply for Progetto?
There is no limitation in terms of nationality. The applicant must be currently living in Jordan, Lebanon,
Iraq, Türkiye , Morocco or Nigeria and must present the required identification document proving the
legal status as above indicated (asylum seeker certificate, refugee certificate, or a document proving
the protection granted in Türkiye ) in order to be eligible for evaluation.

What testing regimes are recognised to assess the language requirement? Is there room to
improve one’s English if close to the required level?
Prospective students need to be proficient in the use of English in order to be able to attend classes and
sit exams successfully. For this reason, we require students to attest their knowledge of English language
by attaching a certificate. Students can present one of the following certifications issued on a date not
prior to 2019 (with the minimum score of):
• Cambridge – B2
• IELTS – 5.5
• TOEFL – 46
• Duolingo – 90
• EF SET certificates – B2
• Other certificates from language schools and the secondary school of origin.

In the call it is reported that English language proficiency is required. We’ve already asked what
certification would be recognised, but does this certification have to be shared as part of the
initial application or only after acceptance?
All required documents must be submitted upon application; incomplete applications or applications
lacking the necessary documents will not be considered.

If I am not eligible for the scholarship, will I be notified by Luiss?
Students will receive an email stating that their profile has been evaluated by the Admission Board
but unfortunately was not deemed eligible for admission based on the criteria set out in the Call
for Applications (knowledge of English language and academic merit
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Will candidates be notified if they do not meet the requirements of certain aspects of the
programme –for example, their academic records are not accepted?
Students who do not meet eligibility criteria for access to selection process according to the Call for
Applications will be notified via email at the address they provided when filling in the application form.

If I face any difficulties during the application process; whom may I approach for help?
You can contact the Admission Office staff at [email protected]

How long does the process take from application submission to arrival in Italy?
Approximately 6 months: students will have to submit a complete application by March 31, 2022; the
results of the selection process will be communicated by the end of May 2022, and arrival in Italy is
planned for end of August 2022/the first weeks of September 2022.

How will the application results be communicated?
Selected applicants will receive an email regarding the outcome of their application directly to the email
address indicated in the application form.

If I am selected, who will cover the cost of my travel?
Flight ticket and health insurance required for the visa will be provided by Luiss University

Upon arrival to Italy; would Progetto provide us with mentors and staff to orient us during our
study trip?
Yes, a team of tutors will guide students upon their arrival in Italy

Can I seek support from the UNHCR-Jordan office? If so, what kind?
Yes, you can approach the education unit at UNHCR who can support you with 1) technical issues
related to the application link, 2) further details on the post-submission-process timeline, 3) follow-up
with the embassy regarding documents and the visa, if needed, or 4) directing various queries to the
appropriate Luiss offices.
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16. Regarding the departure from my country of residence to Italy; wilI I receive legal counselling
on re-entry rules, and if so, from whom?
Yes, after the selection and before the departure time, selected students will be contacted by UNHCR
and will receive legal counselling from UNHCR’s legal staff regarding the re-entry rules stipulated by the
government of the country of residence.

Once I have arrived in Italy, can I apply for family reunification?
Upon arrival in Italy, you should apply for a residence permit for study reasons. This permit enables you
to apply for family reunification, if you meet the requirements, which include the availability of
accommodation and minimum income, among other requirements. Please take into consideration that
benefits planned in the Progetto Mediterraneo are only for you as student and no support is planned f
or any other family members who may come to Italy;

What happens after I complete my studies (5 years)?
After graduation, you can:
• Return to your country of first asylum;
• Request the conversion of the residence permit from study to a permit for “awaiting
employment”. The residence permit for awaiting employment is not usually renewable. If you are
successful in finding a job you can then apply for a residence permit for subordinate work;
• Request the conversion of the residence permit from study to work purposes if you have a regular
• Request the renewal of the residence permit for study if you have the possibility to continue your
academic career with a Specialization or a PhD, for the overall duration of the course. In this case,
the permit has a duration of one year, and is renewable.
Please consider that the possibility to renew/convert the residence permit depends also on the
duration/validity of your travel document/national passport.
Please remember that at any time during your stay in Italy, it is possible to apply for international
protection in the event you cannot return to your country of origin for fear of being persecuted or for the
risk of suffering serious harm.
What is an ‘official school(s) in that foreign country’s education system’? Does this include UNadministered schools?
In order to be able to enrol in Italian Universities, Ministerial regulations require that the secondary
school of origin is qualified to award diplomas and recognized by the local Ministry of Education. You
may find more info on the eligibility of diplomas at the following page:
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How does Luiss recognise academic certificates from multiple countries? What specifically
would be required to show completion of High School, and what about variations in national
systems? Is proof of completion of primary school still required if I have a high school
graduation certificate from my home country?
For your application we will need your most updated school records. In case of admittance, we will need
you to present your secondary school diploma to the Italian Embassy in order to obtain a Declaration of
Value on your diploma. This document will need to confirm the eligibility of your qualification for access
to Italian Higher Education.

Can applicants who already have a bachelor’s degree be considered for this opportunity, and
permitted to earn a second bachelor’s degree?
No, only candidates who have obtained a secondary school certificate or diploma eligible for access to
Italian Bachelor’s Degrees achieved not earlier than 2019 or are going to graduate with a secondary
school diploma by no later than June 2022 are eligible to apply.

Can we travel to Italy with our family members/dependents?
No, the visa is only issued for the scholarship recipient.