Information for resettlement to Spain

This page contains key facts and figures about Spain, which will help you prepare for potential resettlement to the country.

It is important to remember that resettlement is a lengthy process, and the final decision is with the Government of Spain. UNHCR has no influence in the decision process.

If you agree to be submitted to Spain, you may undergo an interview with Spanish authorities. UNHCR will then be notified of the final decision.

The time from acceptance to departure can vary. However, the Spanish authorities are ready to welcome resettled refugees once international protection is granted, travel documents are issued and flights are arranged.

Basic facts

Spain is located in the south-western region of Europe. Spain is famous for its beautiful landscapes, beaches, weather, art, food, architecture. It is the second biggest country in the European Union and uses the European single currency, the euro.


Did you know?

  • Spain is a very diverse country, with a rich past with strong historical connections to Syria.
  • Many Syrian families have already been resettled in the country and there is a thriving Syrian community in cities throughout Spain.


Living in Spain

As a resettled refugee, you will have the right to work and to contribute to your new society. You will be assisted to integrate and prepare to join the workforce, including through cultural orientations, Spanish language courses and vocational training.

To learn more about life in Spain, watch the video below featuring Ruba, a Syrian refugee living in Spain.

“I am an architect, IKEA is a great place for me, it is like a museum. I always look for IKEA stores wherever I go, because I like the way they work.”
– Ruba, a refugee living in Madrid, Spain

Frequently asked questions about Spain

Will I receive any assistance in Spain, and for how long?
Upon arrival, support officers from our partner organizations will meet and welcome you at the airport in Spain. They will provide you with initial help and advice, and take you to the accommodation that has been assigned to you. As part of your participation in the local integration programme, available to you for a maximum of 24 months, accommodation will be provided and basic needs covered.

Will I immediately have the right to work?
Yes, upon arrival in Spain you will receive a work permit authorizing you to work.

Will I have access to free health care in Spain?
Yes, you are eligible for free health care equal to that of Spanish citizens.

Do my children have access to education?
In Spain, education is compulsory for children from the age of 6 until 16. Your support officer will help you to enrol your children in a local school which is provided free of charge by the government. You will be held responsible if your children do not go to school or only attend irregularly.

Can I practice my religion in Spain?
Yes. In accordance with the Spanish Constitution, ideological and religious freedom is fully guaranteed. This includes the right to practice your religion.

Can my family members join me later?
Yes. Once your case is processed and international protection is granted, you will be able to apply for your family to join you in Spain.

Can I eventually apply for Spanish citizenship?
Yes. You can apply for citizenship after 5 or 10 years of residence in Spain, depending on the type of protection that you have been granted.

Additional information

For more information about Spain, you can visit the website of the Government of Spain.