Assistance with access to health care, including sexual and reproductive health services

Psychosocial support

Assistance to survivors of gender-based violence

Assistance to LGBTQI+ community

Assistance for people with disabilities

Community centre services for all age groups

  • 📞 Helpline EQUITA: +421 948 339 647 (also Viber or Telegram)
    • Information on how to reach a doctor in your region;
    • Information about the functioning of the health care system in Slovakia, or about your rights and obligations in the health care system;
    • A confidential consultation about your health or life situation;
    • Assistance and other support to improve your health or life situation;
    • Information and consultation is provided by a doctor;
    • [email protected]
    • 💬Languages: Slovak, Ukrainian; English, Russian, Armenian 
  • EQUITA Community Health
    • Comprehensive counselling in dealing with health, psychosocial or social life situations of clients;
    • Recommendation for further services and support through the Slovak healthcare system 
    •  Support across Slovakia
    • 📞 Helpline EQUITA +421 948 339 647
    • 🌐 Facebook + Messenger
    • 💬Languages: Slovak, Ukrainian, Russian
  • Support to people experiencing violence
    • Assistance to people, including children, who have experienced or are experiencing gender-based violence (physical, psychological, sexual, emotional, economic or social);
    • Medical, psychological, legal and social support always in confidentiality and respecting the consent of the clients;
    • Availability across Slovakia;
    • Empathetic and professional approach;
    • Organisation of information meetings in Ukrainian refugee communities;
    • 📞 Helpline EQUITA: +421 948 339 647
    • 📞 Helpline Nezábudka: 0800 222 450
    • [email protected] or [email protected]
    • 💬 Languages: Slovak, Ukrainian; Russian, English
  • EQUITA Community Centre in Bratislava, Gunduličova 6
    • Slovak language courses – full-time courses for adults, various language levels;
    • Online Slovak language courses for adults A1+;
    • Informal language speaking clubs for adults;
    • Senior Language Clubs – informal conversation in Slovak for older people;
    • Educational and awareness-raising activities – meetings and lectures on topics such as access to health and social services, IT literacy, labour market orientation and social services;
    • Lectures and workshops of community leaders – masterclasses;
    • Activities for children: 
      • Activities and education for pre-school children;
      • Activities and education for children with special needs;
      • Educational activities for school-age children in specialised subjects and in Slovak (literature).
    • A club for teenagers and young adults;
    • Information and referral to services – specificand targeted health care and case management assistance;
    • Psychological counseling individual, family, group counseling;
    • Community activities – community cooking, celebration of international holidays, workshops.
    • Cultural activities – galleries and museum visits; trips around Slovakia
    • Information provision
    • 📞 +421 949 573 477, (also WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram)
    • ✉ [email protected]
    • 🌐 Facebook + Messenger
    • 🌐 Instagram (Teenage Club)
    • Mon– Fri: 9:00-18:00 (depending on activities)
    • 💬Languages: Slovak, Ukrainian; Russian, English

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