Child Protection

Who are children at risk?

Children may be at risk if they are separated from parents and extended family members, or in an unstable alternative care arrangement.

What are the risks they face?

Children are at risk of neglect, child labour and exploitation, sexual and gender-based violence such as early marriage, child defilement, early pregnancy, child trafficking, school dropout, idleness, and substance abuse.

Where to seek help or services to support children?

Save the Children provides child protection services in Mahama refugee camp, Kigali Urban, Huye Urban, Nyanza and Gatore reception centres.

Plan International provides child protection services in Mugombwa, Kigeme, Gihembe, Nyabiheke, Kiziba refugee camps.

ICRC/Rwanda Red Cross provides services related to family tracing and reunification.

National Child Development Agency (NCDA) – national child protection agency

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