Coronavirus (COVID-19)

What is COVID-19? 

COVID-19 is a disease caused by a new coronavirus called SARS-CoV-2.  It is very infectious and can lead to severe respiratory disease. In Romania, the Omicron variant is dominant.  

Many people who are infected may not have any symptoms or only have mild symptoms. These commonly start with a cough, fever, headache, and loss of taste or smell. Some people will feel very tired, have aching muscles, have diarrhoea and vomiting, fever, and confusion. 

Vaccination information  

The Romanian government has included refugees and asylum-seekers in the national vaccination campaign, and we encourage you to get the vaccine and keep safe. 

If you are an asylum seeker, the vaccine will be administered in the General Inspectorate for Immigration reception center by a mobile team of medical specialists. You have to contact the medical staff in the reception centres to register you. 

If you are a refugee or holder of subsidiary protection, to receive the vaccine, you can register in advance on the national vaccination platform ( or you can make an appointment by phone 📞 at 021.414.44.25. Also, you can contact the medical staff in the reception centres to register you for the vaccination in the centres through the mobile team. 

The medical staff in Reception Centre, as well as organizations that work with refugees, can offer you advice and support. 

For more information on vaccination please see: UNHCR Romania: Information about the Covid-19 Vaccine