For Ukrainians travelling to or present in other countries

Please see the below for information on asylum procedures and where to go for help

➡️ In the Czech Republic:
UNHCR HELP page:  Email: [email protected] or by phone +420 776 437 775.
Official government webpage (hotline number +420 974 801 802).

➡️ In Bulgaria:
Bulgarian asylum authorities here: .
UNHCR can be contacted at: [email protected] or by phone : +359 2 98 02 453.

➡️ In Hungary: Please see the
UNHCR HELP page for Hungary: UNHCR can be contacted at [email protected] or +36 1 336 3060.
Hungarian Helsinki Committee

➡️ In Moldova:
Official government webpage:
Law Centre for Advocates for legal and the Charity Centre for social aid: .
There is also a webpage with other service providers here:
UNHCR can be contacted at: [email protected] or by phone +373 22 271 853.

➡️ In Poland:
UNHCR HELP page for Poland:   UNHCR can be contacted by email at [email protected] and at +48 22 628 6930.
Polish government website for Ukrainians (scroll down for additional languages and note their hotline at: +48477217575).

➡️ In Romania:
UNHCR HELP page for Romania:  Phone: +40 723 653 651 (available 24/7) and email[email protected].
National Council for Refugees

➡️ In Slovakia:
UNHCR HELP page for Slovakia here:    Email[email protected] or by phone +36 1 336 3060.
Slovak government website for Ukrainians at:

In all other countries: Please see the UNHCR HELP page and select the relevant country (in the dropdown menu).