For persons already inside Montenegro

Important contact information

➡️ UNHCR Representation in Montenegro

Services: Legal advice and information on accessing rights and services.
Website: UNHCR – Montenegro
Facebook:   Instagram: 
Address: Slobode 2, Podgorica, Montenegro
Mail: [email protected]

For English speakers                                                            For Russian speakers

+382 69 069 902                                                                                     +382 69 360 438
+382 69 062 745                                                                                      +382 69 123 102
+382 69 318 442
+382 69 062 744
+382 69 349 834

➡️ Red Cross of Montenegro

Services: Support in accessing education, healthcare, social welfare, employment, psychosocial support, tracing service.
Website: About us – Red Cross of Montenegro (

Office in Podgorica – Jovana Tomasevica 6
Office in Bar – Rista Lekica 13
Office in Budva – Trg sunca bb
Office in Tivat – Seljanovo bb
Office in Kotor – Skaljari bb
Office in Herceg Novi – Jovana Bjelice 4

Mail: [email protected]
Telephone:  +382 20 241 819; +382 69 132 488

➡️ NGO Civic Alliance

Services: Free legal aid
Website: GAMN
Address: Petra Dedica 26, Podgorica
Mail: [email protected]
Telephone: +382 69 471 877; +382 69 332 302; +382 69 122 050

➡️ The Ministry of the Interior of Montenegro

Services: Processes requests for asylum, temporary protection and other forms of foreigners’ stay in Montenegro.
Website: Ministry of the Interior (
Address: Podgorica – Directorate for Integration Serdara Jola Piletica bb (Limenka)
Mail: [email protected].

Branches of the Ministry of Interior:

Ulcinj – 28. December bb
Bar – Branka Calovica bb
Budva – TQ Plaza bb
Tivat – Njegoseva bb
Kotor – Njegoseva bb
Herceg Novi – Mica Vavica bb

➡️ The Embassy of Ukraine in Montenegro

Services: Useful information about your stay in Montenegro and about available assistance and services. This information is made available through five crisis centers established by the Embassy in the municipalities of Podgorica, Bar, Budva, Tivat and Herceg

Website: Homepage | Ambasada Ukrajine u Crnoj Gori (
Facebook: ;
Address: Podgorica, Serdara Jola Piletica 15
Telephone:+382 20 320 400

What should I do when I arrive in Montenegro ?

On 13 March 2022, the Government of Montenegro issued the Decision on Granting Temporary Protection to all persons fleeing Ukraine. This applies to:

  • The citizens of Ukraine,
  • Persons without citizenship with the last residence in Ukraine,
  • Persons granted international protection in Ukraine, and
  • Citizens of Ukraine with permanent\temporary residence in Montenegro if unable to extend residence for any reason

Temporary protection is a form of international protection offered to people fleeing from Ukraine.

You should apply for temporary protection in the branch office of the Ministry of the Interior in the place of your residence in Montenegro.

The usual working hours of the Ministry of the Interior branch offices are between 7h00 and 15h00.

The application is individual, which means that every family member must come to the Ministry’s branch office to be registered. Please bring with you all identity documents that you have, to facilitate the application process.

Once your temporary protection is approved, the Ministry of the Interior will issue a certificate of granted Temporary Protection to you. With that certificate and your Ukrainian identity document, you should be able to reside in Montenegro and exercise rights as a person under temporary protection in Montenegro.

What are my rights under temporary protection?

As per the national legislation of Montenegro, a person with temporary protection has the following rights:

  1. Residence in Montenegro;
  2. Suitable accommodation, necessary assistance and means of subsistence;
  3. Health care;
  4. Primary and secondary education;
  5. Information about rights and obligations;
  6. Work;
  7. Family reunification;
  8. The identity document;
  9.  The right to apply for international protection (asylum).

In order to enjoy any of these rights, you will have to contact line institutions in Montenegro.

Should you have any problem in exercising those rights, please contact the Directorate for Integration of the Ministry of Interior, in charge of coordinating the response to Ukrainian refugees at [email protected] and/or UNHCR Montenegro.

How long does the temporary protection last ?

Duration of Temporary Protection is subject to provisions as stipulated in the Decision on Granting Temporary Protection to Persons from Ukraine of the Government of Montenegro, currently it is valid until 11th March 2025, with a possibility to be extended for an additional period.

What will happen if I don't apply for temporary protection ?

Like in any other country, you have to register your residence in Montenegro, if you want to reside legally in the country and have certain rights.

If you decide not to apply for temporary protection, you may consider registering in the tourist’s bureau of the municipality of your residence in Montenegro.

With this residence permit, you are allowed to stay in the country for up to 90 days. A daily tax that needs to be paid with this type of residence is 1 EUR per person, in most of the Montenegrin municipalities.

The tourist residence permit may be extended for additional 90 days and after that, you will be asked to register your residence through the Law on Foreigners, if you can meet the requirements of that law.

Rights with tourist residence permission are limited, as it is considered that you came to Montenegro on vacation, rather than being forced to leave your country.

Please note that with the tourist residence permission Montenegro has no obligations to support you.

Another option is to apply for asylum (international protection) as per the Law on International and Temporary Protection of Foreigners. Intention for asylum can be submitted in any police station of your residence. For more information on the asylum procedure please visit Asylum in and how to apply – UNHCR Montenegro

What shall I do if I don't have a valid identity document ?

If you do not have Ukrainian identity documents, or they have expired, please contact the Embassy of Ukraine in Podgorica (contact details available above) before you approach the Ministry of the Interior to apply for temporary protection.

What if I got the temporary protection identification document and decide to return to Ukraine or move to another country ?

As long as your temporary protection is valid, your freedom of movement in Montenegro is guaranteed. If you decide to go to other countries, it is recommended that you inform the Ministry of Interior regarding your travel to other countries, reasons for travelling, and the length of stay before you depart.

What if I came to Montenegro before the crisis and my residence in Montenegro expired ?

In this case, the solution needs to be found in line with your specific situation. If you reside in Montenegro as a foreigner with a permanent or temporary residence permit, obtained before, the best option would be to contact the Embassy of Ukraine in Montenegro and agree on further steps. As of March 2023, you are eligible to apply for temporary protection in Montenegro.