UNHCR Poland - Help for refugees and asylum-seekers

Toll-free UNHCR Counselling Line: 800 012 948 (open Monday-Friday, 8:30-16:30)

If you are coming from Ukraine: Find more information here

If you have questions about relocating to the United States, Canada, or another country:
Any person wishing to relocate to another country must directly consult that country’s Embassy websites or information portals about procedures. UNHCR does not conduct resettlement out of Poland and cannot help with travel. UNHCR in Poland does not conduct refugee status procedures to facilitate relocation.

– For Information from U.S. Embassy Poland: in English and Ukrainian
– For Information from the Canadian government: in English, Ukrainian, and French
– For information from the European Union (EU): in English, Ukrainian, and Russian
– For information from the UK: in English, Ukrainian, and Russian
– Other information for travel outside of the EU, for new arrivals from Ukrainian: in English

Welcome to the ‘HELP’ website run by UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency. UNHCR created this website for refugees and asylum-seekers in Poland, their family members, and people who assist them. On this website you will find useful information and web links, including on the following topics:

➡️ How to find help

➡️ Information for new arrivals from Ukraine

➡️ Accessing International Protection

➡️ Services for Recognized Refugees

➡️ Family Reunification

➡️ Reporting fraud and misconduct

➡️ Reporting sexual exploitation and abuse

➡️ COVID-19 information

Information on this website may be only relevant for people who are currently in Poland. Information on this website is general and may not be applicable to your personal situation. If you are looking for information or assistance outside of Poland, please visit the UNHCR Help Homepage.

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