1. Information for people returning to Ukraine from abroad:
  • If you are returning to Ukraine from abroad, you may have questions and concerns. You may need certain documentation and assistance in order to access rights, services, or other needs.  
  • There are services that are provided by the government and local authorities as well as by humanitarian organisations that can help you return home and re-establish yourself and your family. 
  • You may be eligible for cash assistance and shelter assistance. 
  • You may need or be eligible for assistance if your home is within temporarily occupied territories. 
  • It is important to inform yourself about the safety and security situation in your home regions. If you have concerns about the safety and security of the area in which you live, contact local authorities.  
  • Return to Ukraine may affect your legal status in the country where you sought safety. If you have received temporary protection, please check the UNHCR Help Page of the hosting country.  
  • If you have lost contact with family members in Ukraine and need help finding them, you can call the Government of Ukraine hotline at 1648 or Red Cross family links
  • If you want to speak to someone about how to obtain more information or assistance, you can contact UNHCR directly via its hotline 0-800-307-711 (Monday-Friday 9:00-18:00). 

2. If you are returning to Ukraine from abroad:

Map of UNHCR and Partner presence  Partners – UNHCR Ukraine 
If you are at one of the borders of Ukraine and need assistance  UNHCR Partners and hotline numbers  
Legal Assistance  Who provides state legal assistance? State legal assistance is provided by the Government of Ukraine Free Legal Aid service.  What is primary and secondary legal assistance? Primary legal assistance typically refers to the initial advice and assistance that a person receives when seeking help with a legal problem.  This can include legal information, legal counselling, and minor assistance, such as helping with filling out forms.   Secondary legal assistance, on the other hand, involves more extensive support and representation. This can include drafting legal documents and representation before state authorities or in court proceedings.  
Where to find primary and secondary legal assistance (Legal advice or legal representation in court) Link to Services Advisor with legal aid filter preselected 
List of UNHCR partners in Ukraine UNHCR partners in Ukraine  
Compensation procedure for damaged and destroyed houses  Information on the compensation procedure for damaged and destroyed housing by UNHCR Partner SSS  
Government of Ukraine Free Legal Aid  The hotline of Governmental Free Legal Aid (0 800 213 103, from 8 am to 6 pm, Monday – Friday) answers questions and makes referrals for specific legal advice 
Restoring or renewing your documents   Common documents that may need to be renewed: birth/ death certificates; national ID or book-shaped passport, passport for traveling abroad; marriage documents; driving license; pension cards; tax ID.   If your personal documents are expired, you can renew them via State Migration Services. If you have lost documents or do not have them in your possession, you may need supporting documents and to undergo additional procedures. You can get in touch with Free Legal Aid or UNHCR legal assistance partners.   
 State Migration Services link on what to do if your passport has been lost.  
 Ministry of Justice link on how to restore lost, damaged or destroyed documents for owned properties. 
 Right to Protection resource for restoring document 
 Government of Ukraine Free Legal Aid  Hotline of Governmental Free Legal Aid (0 800 213 103, from 8:00 to 18:00, Monday – Friday) – answers questions and can make referrals for those requiring specific legal advice. 
 Further information on renewing documents can be found in TSNAPS in your area. Link to TSNAPS
Humanitarian services  Map of humanitarian organisations in Ukraine who are providing the following humanitarian services: cash assistance, collective centres (temporary accommodation), protection, food and livelihoods, and shelter.   Link to Services Advisor Ukraine 
Social services  You are entitled to the same services as other citizens of Ukraine. You can learn more about them on the Ministry of Social Policy’s website.  
Administrative services  Administrative Service Centre (TSNAPS) – one place where the most popular administrative services are provided in a comfortable environment. Map of the Administrative Service Centers in Ukraine. 
Information on Multi-purpose cash assistance  UNHCR provides multi-purpose cash (MPC) assistance to support the population affected by the war to meet their immediate basic needs, including temporary accommodation, food and hygiene items.  To learn more about UNHCR MPC assistance, including eligibility criteria, and how to register, please visit the UNHCR Help Page on MPC.   
IDP Registration   
UNHCR Information on IDPs UNHCR information on IDPs 
IDP Registration  Government instruction on IDP registration 
Temporary accommodation  Organisations providing temporary accommodation 

“Prykhystok” is a website where people can provide and find housing. 

Shelter Link to Services Advisor: directory of humanitarian shelter assistance  
  Map of the State Employment Service centers. 
 State Employment Service   
Back to school for primary and secondary-aged students Recommendations from the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine on enrolment of children in schools upon return to Ukraine 
Information for caregivers and teachers  Safety instructions, lessons and working materials on explosive ordinance, recommendations on mental health and wellbeing, as well as materials on nutrition, hygiene, immunization for teachers and caregivers  
Safety and security in your area Regarding information on safety for specific regions please check the Regional Military Administration website for each region. 
Government of Ukraine interactive map of areas potentially contaminated by explosive ordnance Mine Action Map  
Gender Based Violence (GBV) Link to information on UNHCR and partner services Information on Gender-based Violence and UNHCR support – UNHCR Ukraine 
Human Trafficking “Гаряча лінія з питань протидії торгівлі людьми та консультування мігрантів”. Free of charge and anonymous hotline regarding human trafficking countermeasures and migrant consultation. 0 800 505 501 / 527 from 8:00–20:00 7 days per week. 
Finding and selecting a family doctor Information from the Ministry of Health on finding and selecting a family doctor. 
Emergencies  Medical emergency hotlines: 103 – Medical emergency (ambulance) hotline 112 – Unified number for all emergency services, the system will automatically redirect your call to the appropriate service (ambulance, police, etc). 10003 and (096) 561-39-77 – Numbers for Kyivstar subscribers. The first number is for text messages for people with hearing impairments. 
Recognition of disability due to war Information on how to have disability due to war recognized  
Psychosocial support The How Are You initiative provides a psychological support First Aid Kit, self-help techniques, as well as a directory of resources for psychological support and mental health.