GBV Services Provided by Government of Ukraine and Partners

The National Police
The National Police of Ukraine mobile crews of operational response to Domestic Violence (DV) or GBV are mandated to help GBV survivors. Police can also refer survivors to medical and psychosocial services as well as to the shelters for temporary accommodation. In case of need, victims can also contact police departments / offices and the district police officers or community police officers.
Governmental Helpline
The governmental helpline 15-47 provides 24/7 informational counseling and referrals to victims of domestic violence, other forms of gender-based violence, violence against children, trafficking in human beings or to those exposed to such threat. Survivors who do not wish to report the case to the Police can receive assistance through the helpline.
La Strada
0-800- 500-335 or
The Hotline for the Prevention of Domestic Violence, Trafficking in Human Beings and Gender Discrimination (0-800- 500-335 or 116-123) operates on 24/7 basis providing psychological and legal assistance, counseling on GBV services and referrals.
Survivor Relief Centres
Survivor Relief Centres were created to respond to the challenges of the ongoing war. Internally displaced people, those who have fled active combat zones or Russian occupied territories, local residents — anyone who needs assistance can get help here. Ukrainians can come to the Centres with any question related to the war. Qualified specialists provide the necessary social, psychological, legal or informational support in a comprehensive and confidential manner — and all in one place.