Multi-purpose cash assistance for conflict-affected population

Displaced persons in Lviv are being enrolled into the multi-purpose cash support programme @UNHCR/Igor Karpenko

1.Information on UNHCR’s multi-purpose cash (MPC) assistance programme

UNHCR is conducting a collection of data for enrolment in its assistance programmes including a multi-purpose cash (MPC) assistance programme to support the population affected by the military actions to meet their immediate basic needs, including temporary accommodation, food and hygiene item.

2. Targeting criteria

To ensure that available resources reach those who need it the most, UNHCR Ukraine will apply socio-economic vulnerability criteria targeting those most likely to need assistance to meet their basic needs. 

The targeting and socio-economic vulnerability criteria include: 

  1. Persons or families who belong to one of the following target groups:
  • IDPs as of 24 February 2022; 
  • Conflict-affected population as of 24 February 2022 in areas close to the active conflict (Dnipro, Poltava, Odessa, Zaporizhzhia, Kirovograd, Cherkasy, Kharkiv, Chernihiv,  Sumska oblasts);  
  • Returnees i.e. those who had to move from their regions of origin but eventually returned there. 


  1. Who meet one or more of the following vulnerability criteria: 
  • Single headed households with at least 1 child under 18 years of age or older family members (over 55 years of age);
  • Elderly headed household (i.e. composed of one or more individuals >55 years old or a person over 55 years of age responsible for at least one child <18 years old);  
  • Households with one or more persons with specific needs (disability, chronic illness, etc); 
  • Foster families caring for UASC (documented). 


  1. Are not enrolled with UNHCR and have not received cash assistance from other organizations. 

Eligible persons of concern should also meet socio-economic criteria earning less than 5,400 UAH per person (family member) per month.

ATTENTION: If you have been enrolled in financial assistance of UAH 2,220/person/month from another UN agency/humanitarian organization, you cannot be enrolled in UNHCR financial assistance. This is the same type of assistance provided by different agencies and humanitarian organizations are coordinating to ensure that families/individuals cannot receive assistance multiple times or from different partners.

For IDPs who were already enrolled but have not yet received their assistance, they will receive their payments on the condition that they have not benefited from MPC assistance from another organization.

3. Enrollment modality

Persons of concern will be interviewed by UNHCR partners in the enrolment centers (addresses below) to ensure that they meet the vulnerability criteria above.

Only if the person/family meets vulnerability criteria, they will be referred for enrolment in the cash assistance programme. During the enrolment, the data collection process will be conducted by UNHCR partner organization CF Right to Protection.  

Those persons of concern  who do not meet the vulnerability criteria for MPC will be informed already after the initial interview in the enrolment center by a relevant staff member.

Even if they are not eligible for MPC, all persons of concern can access UNHCR protection services available in the enrolment center including legal and psychosocial assistance free of charge.

If the household/person meets MPC vulnerability criteria, it/he/she will be referred for enrolment that envisages the collection of the personal data on each member of the household.

A household is limited to the following members:

  • the focal point
  • his/her spouse
  • he/her children (up to 23 years old)
  • his/her parent

*his/her grandparents only if they are dependent, otherwise will be registered separately.

Other individuals who are not part of the list above should be member of another household even if they live together.

All members of the household should be present during the enrolment. In case a member of the family cannot come to the enrolment center due to limited mobility, the case will be referred to the remote enrolment organized by the partner.

The documents to be presented during the enrolment interview for each member of the household include:

  • tax ID number;
  • national passport or other ID documents to get a correct spelling of your name;
  • IDP certificate (when available);
  • bank card of the focal point (i.e.  registration focal person/principal applicant); The bank account must be in local currency (UAH);
  • birth certificate of your children;
  • legal guardianship or other official custody document that clarify the relationship with the children, when applicable;
  • medical report in case of disability or disease that affecting your access to services, when applicable.
PLEASE NOTE: We do not need your CCV code. It should not be requested by the enumerators.

Recommendations on Bank Card Fraud Protection

UNHCR anti-scam messaging

All information provided is confidential and will be recorded in the UNHCR database. While providing your personal data, you are giving consent to share some of the data with the Financial Service Provider for the purpose of receiving financial assistance.

4. Amount of assistance provided through MPC

The transfer amount should cover 100% of the income gap based on the actual subsistence level projected for April 2022. Thus, the transfer value is UAH 2,220 per family member per month for a 3-months period.

5. Program coverage

Enrolment based on the new vulnerability criteria will be available in the following regions – in coordination with government and humanitarian partners:

  • Lviv region

Address: Lviv city, 81, Horodotska str.
Monday – Friday 09:00 – 18:00
Actual information, as well as work schedule of mobile groups:

  • Cherkasy region

Address: Cherkasy city, 6/1 Lazareva str, behind the “Optima” hotel, transport stop – “Soborna Ploshcha”
Monday – Friday 09:00 – 17:00
Appointment can be made via phone 093 191 01 20

Address: Uman city, 7 Sadova str.
Monday – Friday 09:00 – 17:00
Phone number: 0931910120

  • Kirovograd region

Address: Kropyvnytskyi city, 31a Pashutynska str, premises near Center of Administrative Services
Monday – Friday 09:00 – 17:00
Work schedule of mobile groups can be found in Telegram-channel:
Phone number: (050) 711 63 50

  • Poltava region

Address: Poltava city, 3b Pavlenkivska square
Monday – Friday 09:00-17:00
Kremenchuk city, 7 Vatutina str.
Monday – Friday 08:00 – 16:00
Work schedule of mobile groups can be found in Telegram-channel:

  • Dnipropetrovsk region

Address: Dnipro city, 38 Starokozatska str., close to the premises of Ukreximbank, entrance from the yard
Monday – Friday 09:00 – 18:00

Address: Kryvyi Rih city, 28 Myru avenue
Monday – Friday 09:00 – 18:00 Appointment can be made via phone or at the enrolment center: +38(068)473-96-19
Phone number: 0684739619 Work schedule of mobile groups can be found in Telegram-channel:

  • Zaporizhzhia region

Address: Zaporizhzhia city, 72 Nezalezhnoi Ukrainy str., premises #154, entrance from Mayakovskoho square between CrystalBank and BankCreditDnipro
Monday – Friday 09:00-17:00
Phone number: 0633879316
The form for pre-registration in the electronic queue can be found in the Telegram channel:  
Work schedule of mobile groups can be found in Telegram-channel:

  • Odesa region

Address: Odesa city, 3, Sabanskyi lane
Monday – Friday 10:00 – 18:00 
Work schedule of mobile groups can be found in Telegram-channel:

Address: Izmail city, 12/1 Repina, room 101
Monday – Friday 10:00 – 17:00

  • Chernihiv region

Address: Chernihiv city, 10, Chornovola str.
Monday – Friday 10:00 – 18:00       
Work schedule of mobile groups can be found in Telegram-channel:

  • Kharkiv region

Address: Kharkiv city, 26 Chervonoshkil’na embankment (Administrative Services Centre)
Monday – Friday 08:00 – 16:00
Appointment can be made via Google form published every Friday at 12:00 in Telegram-channel:
Work schedule of mobile groups can be found in Telegram-channel

  • Sumy region

Address: Sumy city, 1 Novomistensʹka str.
Monday – Friday 09:00-18:00
Appointment can be made via Google form published опублікована in Telegram-channel Work schedule of mobile groups can be found in Telegram-channel:

  • Mykolaiv region

Address:  Mykolaiv city, 26, Mykolaivska str.  Mykolaiv city, 25, Dekabrystiv str. Mykolaiv city, 9, Morehidna str. Mykolaiv city, 1 Novobudivna str. Monday – Friday 09:00 – 16:00

6. Delivery modality

The whole amount for 3 months will be transferred to one member of the household either:

  • Through transfers via FinTech Rapyd

You will be notified by the following SMS:

UNHCR sent you <amount> UAH. For more information, please visit: or call 0 800 307 711

PLEASE NOTE: UNHCR does not have affiliation with any bank and does not have any bank partners in Ukraine. UNHCR CASH ASSISTANCE CAN BE TRANSFERRED TO ANY BANK OF UKRAINE at the condition that the bank card number you provide during enrolment belongs to the principal applicant of your family and is in UAH currency. Please make sure your bank card does not have any restrictions in terms of the types of transfers.  For those who don’t have a bank account, UNHCR will deliver the assistance through a different method.

  • Through Western Union to families without a bank card/account.  You will receive an SMS on your phone number with the MTCN code to be used jointly with a valid ID certificate (Passport, National ID, other government issued documents) to receive the money in the Western Union department or its partner bank. The addresses of the Western Union are available here.

You can also receive the money in any department of these partner banks:

  • PrivatBank
  • Accent Bank (A-Bank)
  • Nova Poshta
  • Raiffeisen Bank Aval
  • Oschadbank (State Savings Bank of Ukraine)
  • UkrPost (Ukrposhta)
  • Ukrgasbank
  • Ukrainian Financial Group
  • Other banks
  • Ibox bank
  • Bank Vostok
  • Globous Bank
  • Grant Bank
  • Zemelniy Kapital
  • PJSC “Bank for Investments and Savings”
  • Lviv Bank
  • Bank Pivdenniy
  • PJSK “Bank Sich”
  • PJSC Ukrainian Capital Bank
  • Forward bank
  • Idea Bank
  • Industrial bank
  • CIB (Cominbank)
  • Cominvestbank
  • LLC Financial Company “PROFINEF”
  • Concord
  • Kredit Dnipro
  • Kredobank
  • Crystal Bank
  • Megabank
  • MIB (International Invest Bank)
  • Motor Bank
  • MTB Bank
  • OTP Bank
  • First Investment Bank
  • Policombank
  • Poltava Bank
  • Pravex-bank
  • Ukrainian Construction Investment Bank
  • UNEX Bank
  • Universal Bank
  • Creditwest bank
  • FUIB (First Ukrainian International Bank)

7. Cooperation with the Ministry of Social Policy

UNHCR cooperates with the Ministry of Social Policy of Ukraine according to the joint Memorandum of Understanding in identification and referral of internally displaced and conflict affected pensioners for UNHCR MPC assistance.

The Ministry of Social Policy conducts verification and selection of the beneficiaries from among those who have applied through and refers to UNHCR the lists of persons from among internally displaced and conflict affected pensioners.

People who have already been supported by UNHCR and other humanitarian agencies are removed from the list after a verification conducted internally and with other agencies providing MPC assistance.

The cash assistance is delivered through bank transfers to the personal accounts of the beneficiaries. NOTE: there is no requirement to have any special bank account for this type of assistance. For those who have no bank accounts the assistance will be provided using different modality. The recipients receive SMS-notification once the assistance is transferred to them.  More information please see in the section 6 above.

8. Complaint and Response mechanism

Should you have any query regarding UNHCR assistance or you have feedback, suggestion, or complaint with respect to the work of UNHCR and/or its partner staff you can contact UNHCR hotline 0800307711.


UNHCR has zero tolerance to sexual exploitation or sexual abuse. All assistance provided by UNHCR or its partners is free of charge. Confidentially report any misbehavior of the staff on hotline 0800307711 or to UNHCR’s Inspector General – [email protected].

10. Contact details for MPC related requests

UNHCR hotline 0800307711

For information on locations: