Resettlement out of Poland

Resettlement is not possible out of Poland

Resettlement involves the selection and transfer of refugees from their country of asylum to a third country that agreed to admit them – as refugees – with protection, assistance, and permanent residence status.

Resettlement is not a right, and a refugee cannot apply to be resettled. Resettlement countries offer a very limited number of spots each year, and few refugees meet the strict criteria for UNHCR submission to resettlement countries.

Due to the limitation of resettlement quotas, UNHCR in Europe does not support resettlement for recognized refugees in a country that is party to the 1951 Refugee Convention, such as Poland. Additionally, because the Polish government is responsible for refugee procedures in Poland, UNHCR Poland is not able to recommend refugees for resettlement out of Poland.

If an embassy refers you to UNHCR, please note that this does not refer to UNHCR Office in Poland. You should approach relevant embassies for advice on general immigration possibilities.

If you receive an offer of resettlement out of Poland in exchange for payment: pause, reflect, and walk away. This may be an attempt of fraud.   All humanitarian assistance by UNHCR is free of charge.