For persons inside Ukraine

For persons inside Ukraine, UNHCR advises you to:

  • Stay informed and connected (via radio, TV, Internet) and follow official advice for your security. Listen to official messages from emergency services, local authorities, and follow the instructions, including curfews.
  • Keep a copy (even digital) of your documents in a safe place. The replacement of lost documents will be easier if people can present a copy to the SMS later.
  • For advice on how to provide emotional support to children during these difficult times, see pages such as this.

The Ukraine State Emergency Services (SES) has a WhatsApp helpline for critical updates. To start using the helpline, save the number 📞+380676785917 in your contacts and text the word почати (begin) in a WhatsApp message. Link:

There is also a hotline phone number for IDPs at 📞 0-800-307-711.

UNHCR can be contacted at phone number 📞 +38 (044) 288 97 10 and by e-mail: [email protected]. Note that these hotlines are receiving a high number of calls.

UNHCR is doing its utmost to ensure that its services and assistance are continued and strengthened. Please note that UNHCR is, however, not involved in evacuations of any person from Ukraine.

For more information, please see our HELP page in Ukraine