Enrolling Ukrainian children in Moldovan schools becomes easier

The new academic year in Moldova has already started. If you and your child have not yet decided on an educational institution, it is not too late to register. 

The Ministry of Education of the Republic of Moldova has issued a new, simplified Instruction on the procedure to enroll Ukrainian children in Moldovan schools. More information can be found here: (Ukrainian) instructiune_ua.docx (live.com), and here (Russian) istructiune_ru.docx (live.com) 

It is very easy to enroll in a school in Moldova. To do this, you must apply for admission to the school, provide identity documents of the child and parents, medical record of the child (Ukrainian or Moldovan) and school documents, if any, to the local school. More information on the application form can be found here:  

If your child continues to study the Ukrainian program online, he or she can do it at a school. For more information, contact your local school.  

In case your local school is full, they will help you find a place in a nearby school.