FAQs on Voluntary Return to Syria

Attention! All services and assistance of UNHCR and its partners are free of charge! 

This page provides you and your family with some additional information you may need if you are planning to return to Syria.   

1. What civil documents should I take with me if I plan to return to Syria?⬇️

In addition to bringing identity documents (e.g. national ID, passport), it is very important that, if possible, refugees who have decided to return to Syria leave Lebanon with official records of civil events (birth, marriage, divorce, death) that took place in Lebanon. This means that refugees should have a birth, marriage, divorce, or death certificate registered with the Foreigners’ Registry (Personal Status Department) and stamped by the Lebanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs. 

2. Why is it important for me to have these documents if I decide to go back to Syria?⬇️

Without these documents there is a risk that these civil events are not recognized once you return to Syria. This could result in an inability of children born in Lebanon to prove that they are Syrian nationals; inability to access inheritance; and inability to prove ownership or use of family houses and property. 

3. What education documents should I take with me?⬇️

Refugees who have decided to return to Syria should obtain official documentation confirming education that was undertaken in Lebanon. This helps to ensure that this education and studies are recognized by the Syrian authorities. 

4. Where can I obtain my education documents from?⬇️

Formal basic, secondary, and vocational education documents can be obtained from the school you have attended in Lebanon. They should be validated by the Ministry of Education and Higher Education, the Lebanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Syrian Embassy in Beirut. For university certificates, validation by all three entities is particularly important. 

5. What about informal education and training certificates?⬇️

Informal education and training certificates cannot be validated by Lebanese official entities but could be of value upon your return to Syria. Try to obtain diplomas/certificates from the organizer/facilitator for informal studies and trainings you have attended prior to departure. 

6. What do I do if I have a serious medical condition and I want to return to Syria?⬇️

In case you are diagnosed with a non-communicable disease (e.g., Hypertension, Diabetes, Asthma, Heart diseases), please take note of the below courses of action.

If your patient file is in a public Primary Health Care center (PHCc), you have to go to the PHCc where you are being treated. Request a summary medical report (1 page) of your patient file. You will be provided with a batch of medicine depending on the availability of the drug.

7. What do I do with respect to vaccination if I have children (0-15 years) accompanying me?⬇️

Please make sure to have their vaccination booklet/card available and updated. Additionally, have them vaccinated in the nearest PHCc. If your children were born in Lebanon, then please have a copy of their birth certificate with you.

8. What do I do if I am a pregnant woman returning to Syria?⬇️

Please make sure to have the pregnancy booklet/antenatal care card with you because you will need it later. Also, make sure to have all the prophylactic medicines until your next appointment (Folic Acid, etc.). When you arrive to your destination, go to the PHCc where they offer maternity services. 

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