Ask UNHCR Series

If you’ve missed any of the Ask UNHCR episodes, you can watch them here!

Episode 1: Education for Refugees

Episode 2: Remote Registration & Renewal

Episode 3: Financial Assistance

Episode 4: Health Services

Episode 5: Refugee Status Determination

Episode 6: Resettlement

Episode 7: Helpline and Financial Assistance

Episode 8: COVID-19 Vaccine

Episode 9: Working in Jordan for Syrian Refugees

Episode 10: COVID Vaccine + Vaccination Campaign for Persons with Disabilities

Episode 11: Work Permits and Labour Rights for Syrian Refugees in Jordan

Episode 12: How to Avoid & Report Fraud, Exploitation & Misconduct

Episode 13: Using Biometrics for Registration & Assistance Delivery Purposes

Episode 14: World Refugee Day Special

Episode 15: Gradual Reopening of Registration Centres

Episode 16: WFP Assistance

Episode 17: WFP Funding Update

Episode 18: UNHCR Jordan’s Helpline – Interactive Voice Response

Episode 19: Winter Cash Assistance

Episode 20: Onward Movements

Episode 21: Labour Law & Social Security

Episode 22: Resettlement & Durable Solutions

Episode 23: Vaccine compensation

Episode 24: COVID-19 Vaccine & Defense order number 35

Episode 25: Updates on registration procedures

Episode 26: Resettlement services through UNHCR Helpline

Episode 27: Biometric data

Episode 28: Mental health and services provided in Jordan

Episode 29: Mobile Wallets

Episode 30: DAFI scholarship and the application process

Episode 31: Legal Services

Episode 32: Registration Services

Episode 33: Fraud attempts related to resettlement and immigration opportunities

Episode 34: Work Permits and Social Security

Episode 35: UNHCR work and services

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