Family Reunification

Different countries have different family reunification plans and procedures. If you have a family member in a third country who would like to be reunited with you, please learn about the family reunification process in that country. This information is usually available on the website of the Ministry of the Interior. Sometimes other organizations provide useful information, such as the Red Cross.

Please note that family reunification plans are often very complex, and the terms and conditions are strict. For example, if you are to be the wife or youngest child of a family member, your family member must submit an application within a certain period of time after you have been granted a residence permit, such as being recognized as a refugee in need of international protection. , and your family member must show financial ability to care for you. These rules vary by country. It is the responsibility of you and your family members to know the specific rules of the family reunification process in your third country. UNHCR Indonesia cannot do this for you. You may find useful information on HELP websites in other countries.

Recruiting a legal professional who specializes in immigration law in a third country is often very effective in running the system. Your family member living in a third country is encouraged to seek legal help if possible. UNHCR Indonesia may be able to assist you with documents in Indonesia and if you need help obtaining an exit permit and preparing for departure. For support, please write to [email protected]

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