Frequently Asked Questions

I do not have an e-mail address. How can I access the online self-service portal? 

To create your account, you need to have your own e-mail address. If you do not have one, you need to create an e-mail account. Please do NOT create a self-service account with an e-mail address that you do not have access to. You must use this e-mail address as your log-in username and enter the validation code sent to your e-mail each time you want to access your online self-service account. Remember that you can still send a request for registration through Online Kobo Form, if you do not have access to an e-mail.  

I do not have a smartphone or computer. How can I access the online self-service portal? 

The online self-service portal can only be used when you are connected to the internet. You need to use a smartphone or a computer for this. You can borrow a friend’s smartphone or computer or use a public one to create and access your online self-service account, but please make sure you have your own, unique e-mail address and a phone number you have access to. If you use someone else’s smartphone or computer to access your account, remember to log out when you finish! 

If you cannot access the portal, you can still request services through other channels. Visit the page about the service you are interested in on this Help website to find out other ways to access services. 

I forgot my password. How can I reset it?

If you forgot your password and cannot log in to the self-service portal, you can reset your password by clicking “Forgot your password?” on the login page and follow the instructions. 

Please make sure you can access your e-mail during this process because you will need to enter a code sent to your e-mail to check that it is you trying to reset your password. 

My e-mail address has changed. Can I update it? 

Your individual account is linked to your e-mail address, and it is used to make sure you are the only user of that account. This means you CANNOT change your e-mail address on your account. If you cannot access the e-mail address you used to create your account anymore, please contact UNHCR.   

Do I need to upload a photo of myself and of each of my family members to the portal?

To request an appointment to register with UNHCR, you must upload or take a photo using your phone’s camera or upload an existing photo when you are asked to do this on the portal. If you do not add a photo to the application, you will not be able to submit your request. All family members being added to the application also need to have their photo uploaded.  

Should I add my family members to my online application to register with UNHCR?

Only immediate family members who are in Indonesia and living with you should be included – husband or wife, and children under 18 years old. Unmarried adult children or other adults may be included if they live in the same household with you and depend on you. Including your family members in your application helps make sure you are issued documents and can get services together.  

 Please check that your family members agree to be included in the same application as you and that it is ok for you to share their documents as part of the process. 

 If you have an immediate family member already registered with UNHCR and have a UNHCR document, please only create a self-service account for yourself. UNHCR will contact you for a registration appointment and you should come together with your registered family member. 

 Try to complete your application with your family members next to you. You will need to add their photos, their ID documents, and documents that say how you are related. If you do not have the documents for your family members with you, you can save your application, leave the portal and log-in again later when you have the necessary documents (please remember your email address and password to log-in again!) 

 Please make sure to add all your immediate family members who are currently with you in Indonesia before you submit your application. Do not include family members who are not physically present in Indonesia. 

I want to add a family member, but I do not have their documents to upload. Can I still proceed? 

We recommend that you have electronic copies of at least one identity document for any family member you want to add, as this will facilitate your registration process.  

Documents that are accepted are:  

  • Birth certificate 
  • Birth notification  
  • Death certificate  
  • Death notification  
  • Education certificate  
  • Employment document  
  • National ID card  
  • National passport  
  • Marriage certificate  
  • Other civil registration certificate  
  • Other  

 If you do not have any documents, you can still add your family members, but this will result in a longer registration interview with UNHCR.  

How long does it take to fill in a new registration application on the self-service portal? 

We estimate that it can take 10 minutes per person to complete the process, and completing the application will depend on the number of family members you include in your request. 

Where can I get help to fill in my registration application with UNHCR online?

If you need help signing up and filling out your online application for a registration appointment for you and your family, you can get in touch with UNHCR through the existing contact channels. Please remember that you can also submit your request for registration via an online Kobo form or e-mailbut you will not be able to check the status of your application. 

I uploaded a wrong / unreadable document. Can I replace it with the correct one? 

You can only replace a document on your file using the UNHCR online self-service portal if UNHCR has not yet completed reviewing your application.   

 To replace a document using the online portal:  

  • Sign-in and click on “My documents”,
  • Check the list of documents uploaded and click ‘delete’ next to the document you want to remove,
  • You will be redirected to the document upload page and will be guided to upload another document.  

Can I see the information I submitted about me and my family? 

Log in to the UNHCR online self-service portal and follow these steps:  

  • Click on “My Profile” and you will see an overview of the personal details you submitted for yourself.   
  • Click on “My Family”, and you will see a list of all the family members you added to your application. Click on their names to see the personal details you submitted for each family member.  

Can I update my information online after I submit my application? 

You canlog in to the UNHCRs online self-service portaland view your submitted information anytime. There is some information that you CAN change if your application has not yet been reviewed by UNHCR and some information that you CANNOT change. 

 You CAN update for you and your family members:  

  • Address in Indonesia,  
  • Contact information in Indonesia,   
  • Specific needs,  
  • Upload additional documents.  

 You CANNOT update for you and your family members:  

  • Personal information such as name, date of birth, national number, nationality, etc. 
  • Photographs,   
  • Add new family members,  
  • You can never change the e-mail address you used for signing up. If you cannot access your e-mail, you will not be able to use your account or transfer it. Please make sure that you have ways to recover your email if you forget your password, like having a recovery address or a hint for remembering your password. 

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