Refugee Status Determination

Refugee Status Determination (RSD) interview is one part in the case processing in UNHCR to determine whether you will be granted international protection as a refugee or not. Based on the Indonesian Presidential Regulation No. 125 of 2016, there is no different in protection treatment between asylum-seeker and refugee in Indonesia. In line with the Regulation, not everyone registered with UNHCR will automatically go through RSD interview. Asylum-seekers will be notified for RSD interview when there is an opportunity of comprehensive solution or when the Office needs more information on certain aspects of your claim. In the meantime, asylum-seekers are considered the same with refugees on all other aspects. Our staff will reach out to you when you are scheduled for RSD interview.

With the aim to protect the health of refugees and UNHCR staff, and in line with social distancing requirements established by the Government of Indonesia, most UNHCR services will continue being carried out remotely by telephone.

  • UNHCR premises are currently not open and most RSD activities will be carried out remotely by telephone; 
  • To ensure social distancing, only applicants with appointments will be attended when the premises reopen; 
  • Once our premises reopen, and in very exceptional circumstances, will refugees be invited to approach the UNHCR Office by appointment only. The number of daily appointments is calculated to comply with the rules. 

How does a remote RSD interview work?

These are the steps: 

UNHCR only conduct remote RSD interview at the moment. UNHCR take into consideration on the Applicant’s availability of internet and privacy. For the remote RSD interview, UNHCR mainly conduct by regular phone call and will resort to use WhatsApp or other platforms when necessary. You will also be asked questions to confirm your identity and UNHCR will ask for your consent to being interviewed utilising this modality. 

You will be contacted and informed on the interview schedule. 

On the day of interview, you have to make sure that you have the privacy you need for the interview, you have good connection, and other support necessary for the interview. 

Should you not feel comfortable with remote RSD interview modalities, and do not consent to the process, please do not worry. It will have no negative impact consequences on your RSD processing, and we will reschedule you once we can accommodate you in the office. 

If you are not feeling well prior to the interview schedule, please let us know immediately so we can reschedule your interview accordingly.

What support does UNHCR provide for Private Sponsorship Applications?

UNHCR Indonesia supports asylum-seekers and refugees who are initiating private sponsorship with RSD interviews and/or providing a status confirmation letter. 

For you to be eligible for RSD for private sponsorship, you have to submit documents proving that you are in the process of private sponsorship application. Please send an email to [email protected] or through our inquiry form: and provide brief information on your request for RSD for private sponsorship.  

For a status confirmation letter, you can request through the same UNHCR email above or through our inquiry form:

Can I appeal my interview decision?

If your refugee claim is rejected, you have the right to appeal the decision by submitting the appeal application form given to you during notification in the time period the notification gives you. 

The office will review the application and contact you for interview if needed. 

To submit your application, send an email to [email protected] or through our inquiry form: with your case number, name, information that you are submitting appeal application and the completed application form. 

If my appeal is rejected, can I reopen my case?

If you are rejected on appeal, your case is closed. Reopening is not a right. Cases are reopened only on exceptional grounds and UNHCR cannot respond to all requests received. 

Written requests of reopening a closed case can be submitted by sending an email to [email protected] with your case number, name, and request to reopen.  Your case remains closed unless you are notified otherwise.