UNHCR Indonesia - Help for refugees and asylum-seekers

🕐 As of 15 August 2022, Please submit individual inquiries and requests for in-person counselling appointment to UNHCR Indonesia through our new KOBO form, accessed here: unh.cr/62c2a30b5. All in-person counselling with UNHCR Indonesia is by appointment only. For more information, see the announcement for the new appointment system🕐

Welcome to Indonesia’s ‘HELP’ website run by UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency. Asylum seekers and refugees who are registered with UNHCR Indonesia can benefit from certain services provided by UNHCR and its partners. You can also find out about what services the Government of Indonesia provides or refugees have a right to access.

Find information on registration, resettlement, legal support, and other services available to you:

Asylum in Indonesia
How to register with UNHCR
Refugee Status Determination (RSD)
Health assistance
Education assistance
Support for those experiencing violence
Reporting misconduct related to UNHCR

This website will be continuously updated.

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