Please be informed that:

  • UNHCR has been asked to leave the current office premises in Menara Ravindo, Jl. Kebon Sirih, Jakarta.
  • As of 12 December 2021, UNHCR will no longer have offices or staff at Menara Ravindo, Jl. Kebon Sirih, Jakarta.
  • UNHCR is currently identifying a new permanent office location, including new facilities to receive refugees.
  • Once UNHCR has identified the new permanent location, an announcement will be made to the refugee community.
  • This process will take some time, considering challenges in identifying new office premises and related approval processes.
  • During the transition period, before the new permanent office location is ready:
    • UNHCR will continue working to serve refugees, in the current remote modality, and respecting any government regulations related to COVID 19.
    • UNHCR, along with partners, will continue to carry out the full range of services and activities including counselling, registration, case processing, assistance, advocacy etc.  
    • The move to a new office premises will not affect UNHCR’s capacity to process cases, including for resettlement and solutions.
  • UNHCR and partners can be contacted via the following channels:
    • UNHCR Hotlines (for emergency situations)
      • CBP: +62 811 1000 424
      • Legal Protection: +62 811 9840 643
    • Partner Hotlines (for emergency situations)
      • Health: +62 811 8161 511
      • Financial assistance: +62 811 1499 871  
      • GBV: +62 811 9670 250
      • Education CRS-HI: +62 813 8670 2561                          
      • Education CWS: +62 811 9650 2978
  • Please note that it will not be possible for UNHCR to receive hard paper copies of letters and documents during this time. Scanned copies can be received via email.
  • Please continue to access information, including updates on the UNHCR Jakarta office premises, on the following platforms:
  • UNHCR Indonesia website:
  • UNHCR Help website:
  • Turn.IO (WhatsApp Chatbot): +62 2150 889 670

All services provided by UNHCR and partners are free of charge. If you have witnessed fraud or corruption, or if you have been asked for money or anything else in exchange for services please report to:

UNHCR staff or its partners’ staffEmail: [email protected] PSEA: +62 811 1902 363

UNHCR Inspector General’s Office: Email: [email protected], Hotline: +41227398844 Online:

UNHCR Indonesia

01 December 2021

UNHCR Innovation Award 2022

This year UNHCR is launching the Innovation Award to celebrate the efforts and accomplishment of non-governmental organizations developing innovative approaches for protection and delivery of services to refugees and other persons of concern to UNHCR. For the year 2022, UNHCR will focus on women-led organizations working with or supporting refugees and meet the following criteria. […]