Financial Assistance

UNHCR has a limited budget to provide a small number of extremely vulnerable refugees and asylum seekers with cash assistance to help meet basic needs.  There are many more refugees in need of cash assistance than UNHCR is able to support.  As such, we must assess and prioritize those who present as most in need.  Individuals who qualify for cash assistance will generally receive a monthly allowance for six months, after which you will be reassessed to determine whether cash assistance will continue.   

UNHCR partners with Catholic Relief Services (CRS) and Church World Services (CWS) for the cash assistance program: 

  • The CRS program assists refugees and asylum seekers living independently. 
  • The CWS program assists unaccompanied children living in a semi-independent living arrangement. 

Process to request assistance: 

  1. If you are in need of cash assistance, please contact the CRS Financial Assistance Hotline: 0811 1499 871. 
  2. Once your request is received, you will be placed on a waiting list to be assessed by CRS and CWS. The assessment will be conducted in person for those being assessed for the first time. Thus, we will need your cooperation to allow our partners to visit you at home. For re-assessments of cash needs, this assessment may be conducted virtually. There are many requests for financial assistance.  As such, there will be a waiting period before your case will be assessed. Please be patient while waiting for the assessment. 
  3. Following your assessment, the case will be presented to a panel of staff from UNHCR, CRS, and CWS (and other relevant partners if needed) to determine your eligibility for financial assistance. 
  4. Following a decision by the panel, you will be informed whether you have qualified for cash assistance or not.   

Currently, there is a waiting list to be included in the cash program.  As such, even if it is determined that you qualify for cash assistance, you will likely have to wait to begin receiving cash until individuals currently in the cash program have departed Indonesia or are assessed as no longer eligible for cash. 

The amount of cash assistance you will receive is largely dependent upon your family size and your specific vulnerabilities.