Family Reunification

Remember to apply for family reunification within 3 months of being granted status in Sweden. There will be consequences if you do not meet this deadline.

The protection of family unity is an important human right. If you were separated from your family before or during your flight, you may apply for them to join you in Sweden, under specific conditions. Whether your family can join you ultimately depends on the type of legal status you are granted and the nature of your relationship.

Who can help you in the family reunification process?

The Swedish Red Cross

The Swedish Red Cross provides free legal counselling and assistance to persons needing advice concerning family reunification. You find their contact information below.

Phone: 📞 020 415 000 (Wednesday 09.00AM-12.00AM)
Email: 📧 [email protected]

Please be informed that UNHCR in Sweden is not a part of the family reunification procedure in Sweden. UNHCR in Sweden does not provide legal counselling on family reunification.

Further information on family reunification

For more information on family reunification, please visit the website of the Swedish Migration Agency: Family reunification – Swedish Migration Agency (

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